Friday, October 15, 2010

This blog needs an overhaul...

I'm thinking my blog needs an overhaul. It's full of dead links, too many widgets, and it's kind of slow to load, so something needs to be done. But, after all this time I'm kind of rusty. I used to be able to make template changes at the speed of light (okay, maybe not that fast, but I live in Spain, land of exaggeration, so give me a break), and now I can't even remember where my template is.

Just kidding!

I think I still remember that much...where my head is, that's another where did I put that darned thing? Anyway, I'm going to need to fiddle around a little (hmmm, sounds a bit rude, doesn't it?) and make some changes. While I do that, let me just leave you with a photo I took in Rome this summer:

For some reason I really like it. It makes me wonder just what that woman is thinking as she looks out the window. Probably something like, "Those damn tourists with their cameras! Can't even look outside to see what the weather's like without getting my picture taken!" Of course, that would be in Italian...maybe with a "Cazzo!" thrown in for good measure (one of the few Italian words that I actually know...go figure).

So, what do you think she's thinking?


  1. Probably you're about right....

  2. Hey, it was good to hear from you. I'm glad to see you're back at it. I'm actually blogging elsewhere now (although getting through a quiet time, hope to be back at it soon enough).

  3. She is thinking, "Who is that amazingly cool person out there taking my picture?" ... Or else, "I wonder if I could hit her with a spitwad from here?"

  4. Cómo es eso de que España es la tierra de la exageración?
    Y los italianos??

    Una amiga de mi antiguo trabajo se fue de crucero, era un crucero italiano y cuando volvió me dijo, vaya, cómo gritan los italianos !!!
    y yo me dije, y los españoles, jajaja.

    Recuerdo que eso me sorprendió cuando recién llegué acá. Son efusivos al hablar.

    Anímate con los cambios. Yo particularmente no veo mal tu blog, ni lo siento lento, pero si tienes ganas de darle nuevo aire, sigue adelante.

    No se qué tal hablas el español, pero lo escribes muy bien. Hace cuánto vives en España? tus niños son españoles?

    Un besote ;)

  5. orneta: Yeah, I guess, especially the part about "Cazzo!" ;)

    Blues: Hey, good to see you! Well, I hope you'll decide to come back to your old blog soon, you used to make me laugh. :)

    Bud: Howdy! I'm going with the spitwad´s probably more accurate. :D

    giozi: Sí, tienes razón, los italianos son mucho mas exagerados. Pero no es una critica, eh, a mi me hace gracia simplemente. Lo de los cambios del blog, no haré gran cosa de momento, solo intentaré que sea un poco mas rápido. Dependiendo de la conexión, puede tardar un poco en cargar el fondo, y la gente no siempre tiene paciencia. Por ultimo, sí, hablo español bastante bien, o por lo menos eso me dicen...llevo 18 años aquí, así que mas me vale. ;) Y mis niñas son españolas las tres.
    Besos :)