Monday, October 11, 2010

Not naked anymore!

Coming out of hibernation is harder than I thought, but I'm hoping that it'll be like riding a bike, once you get past the initial wobbliness, you're off and blogging like nothing ever happened.

So, just what did happen that made me stop blogging? Well, it's a long story, most of it is kind of boring, some of it quite unpleasant, but it's complicated, so I'll leave it for another day...

For now I'll just blog about some more mundane business... home improvement.

We've lived in our house for over 11 years now, and until just recently we've still had naked bulbs hanging around. But we finally tired of all that luminous obscenity, after all naked bulbs aren't like having something like this around:

Now that's some nudity I can get on board with.

So, we fixed our bulb issues, but that's just like putting on underwear, it only covers the basics. Once you've covered up the nasties, then you start thinking about fashion. Okay, I know there are some people who wouldn't mind walking around in their underwear all day, but let's face it, most of those are guys, and unless they look like David Beckham, they should not do that. Seriously guys, cover up!

We covered least some spots of our desperately needy home, because it is definitely not David and needs some, ahem, assistance to make it look better. And here is one of those spots:

I know The Kiss has been overdone, it's all over the place and kind of university dorm room style, but this picture has a story behind it. We've had this poster rolled up in a tube for over 18 husband had it hanging in his apartment when we met and it crossed the pond with us. Then in one of our many moves, we left it in an elevator by mistake. We did get it back (duh, it's hanging in our house right now) but not before being examined by some nosy neighbors, who decided to have a look at what was inside to see if they should keep it or not. I guess it wasn't to their liking, so they stuffed it back inside, not very skillfully I might add (come on people, how hard can it be?), and the poster was torn on one side and wrinkled in several places. Since then it's lived inside that tube, waiting for us to decide what to do with it...we came close to throwing it out, but it has a sentimental value to it, and it's also impossible to find in this size (it may not look like much in the picture, but it's actually taller than me), so we kept it.

So, once our house had it's underwear on, we decided it was time to pull out our old rags and dress it up a bit. We had the poster mounted on a board and plasticized (the guy that did it did a really great job at repairing the tear and all the wrinkles) and then all we had to do was hang it up.

Easier said than done...

We had no ladder that would reach up that high, so we went out to rent one but didn't have any luck. So, my very resourceful husband put together this very creative structure with some old Ikea shelves we had lying around...

Whew, kinda scary up there (and that's without the stepladder on top)... but Ikea quality is better than you might think and the shelves held up. Now that is an Ikea hack!

Altogether it took much longer to set up the makeshift scaffolding than it did to actually hang the picture, but it was worth it in the end. And, yes, I did help...with the very important job of holding onto the ladder...oh, and immortalizing the whole process on Blogger (what would the world be without me?)

And here's Jesús, admiring his work:


  1. Now that poster has even more sentimental value. What a job to get it up there,but it was worth it because it looks great on that wall!
    Jesus I'm very proud of you that you thought of that construction and really got up there. Glad Theresa was holding on tight to that ladder!!
    The pictures are taken well also and very clear!

  2. I'm so glad you're back--and holy Moses do I want the story of why you went on hiatus! Cough it up already.

    The picture-hanging contraption made me gasp at first, but truth is, it does look sturdy...and it reminds me of something my own husband would come up with. Hurrah for The Kiss!

  3. Looks lovely! We're on a light fixture hunt as well...though it hasn't been 11 years....and we too are thinking about where to hang what, though that has to wait a little longer at this point.

    Glad to hear you back again, sure to be wobbles when you first get back on, no?

  4. I've only been in my house five years, so we're still in the naked bulb stage. I'm glad to hear we're not the only lazy bastards in the world of home decoration.

    Looks great!

  5. wow, it looks great. I do remember this from your past (I think.) Very brave and resourceful of Jesus too. I once hung one of my 4x3 foot painings over a starwell, but I did it by just leaning over as far as I could and nearly fell at one point. The things we do to decorate...

  6. Me alegro que tu blog ya no esté desnudo tampoco :)
    Me alegro que estés de vuelta y que te estimulara.
    Eres bienvenida en el mío las veces que quieras. Un abrazo.. ;)

  7. I really have a hard time looking at that make-shift scaffolding without getting dizzy. I'm glad there were no injuries!

  8. Mem: I'm just glad the thing held up...I wasn't convinced at all by the idea, but it worked.

    Jocelyn: I'm glad to be back! And don't worry, you'll have that story, I promise. But give me some time to figure out just how to write it, because another person is involved, and I don't want to overstep any privacy lines.

    Orneta: Yeah, it took us forever to decide on the lights...and everything else too. We're slow to get started, but once we do, we really get least as far as our pocketbook will allow! :)

    Erik: No, you're not a lazy bastard, you just have a very good reason to be busy...and she's cute too! When our kids were little we didn't get much done at all, it was all about just getting through the day. :)

    Michelle: Yeah, the things we do... ;)

    giozi: Gracias por visitarme. Sí, mi blog y mi casa ya no están desnudos...ahora toca encontrar cosas interesantes para adornarlos.

    rjlight: Yay, you're here! Yeah, I got dizzy just looking at it too...but it really was much more stable than it looks.