Friday, October 1, 2010

Not dead after all...

It's been a long time....a very long time. I pretty much thought my blog was dead, I just hadn't gotten around to giving it a proper burial, or at least doing one last post to let it go out in flames. But, in reality, it was just hibernating all this time...sneaky little thing, this blog, it sure looked dead...I even poked it with a stick a few times and it didn't even flinch. And then, this morning, it just suddenly woke up and said it was hungry, kind of like Sleeping Beauty, except it hasn't been a hundred years and there was no kissing involved (too bad about that). Now, you might say it's kind of a strange time to come out of hibernation, what with Fall and the cold and all that, but this is no ordinary blog. So, the time has come to yawn and stretch a bit and get back to the very serious business, or not so very serious in my case, of blogging. I don't know where it's going, kind of like when I started this whole thing. This blog really has a life of it's own and is very unpredictable (and possibly slightly dangerous having just woken up and not yet having had its coffee). So, I'm just going to let it meander about and explore the blogosphere a bit and let it decide what it wants to be....although I don't think it will go the humor blog route like before since that's much too tiring. No promises made, no agenda.... and definitely, no refunds. Read it if you like, comment if you wish, but don't expect anything in particular, that way you won't be disappointed. And now I'm going to make some coffee before this blog bites my hand off...


  1. Enjoy the coffee! Nice to hear your voice again.

  2. 20 months is a good hibernation! You might need more than one coffee!

    Welcome back!

  3. Hi Theresa,
    Glad to see you back here. I always enjoyed your blog and missed it when you stopped.

  4. Hey guys, it's great to be back! Erik, you might be right about needing more than coffee...any suggestions? ;)