Friday, October 22, 2010

It's all in the attitude

Okay, today I want to do a shout-out, well actually two. One virtual and one real.

First, I'd like to say how happy I am that a good friend of mine has started up her blog again. She calls herself FionaCat on the internet, but I just call her Bud, as I have since High School. She has a truly wonderful random mind, and in her blog she lets us take a peek. So, pay her a visit, I'm sure she'd love to have you, and while you're over there, ask her to post one of her very fun book cart drill videos. Please Bud, please?

And my second shout-out goes to...this year's fitness instructor!

Every year, around this time, I do a post about the start of the fitness year. I've blogged about Cheerleader Girl, Elephant Boy and others, and it's become somewhat of a tradition on this blog to kick off the year with a post. Well, except last year...let's just say last year was a disaster and leave it at that. In Spanish I would say "nefasto", which could be translated to "unlucky" or "calamitous", but those translations just don't do the word justice.

In a word, horrible.

But this year promises to be good....very good. Our instructor this year, let's call her Oh (for Oh, how wonderful!),  may well be the best we've ever had, or at least one of the best. Not only are her step and aerobics choreographies excellent, but she also has a way of getting them across that very few others do. She's also in a perpetual good mood, without going overboard on perkiness, and is friendly to everyone, no exceptions (one might think that would be a given, but trust me, it's not).

I've learned that it takes much more that just coming up with good choreographies to make a good instructor. A certain knack at knowing just how far the group can go and just how to get it there is essential. And patience. This year's girl seems to have an infinite supply of patience. And she pushes us to the very last second of the class, promising us we will get it...and we do.

She has faith in us, and we rise up to meet it.

She squeezes every last drop of sweat from us...and leaves us begging for more.

And it's not that her choreograpies are easy. No, they are anything but. In fact, I'd have to say they are some of the most complicated choreographies we've ever done, but they have a logic, a fluidity, that makes them easy to catch on to. And it helps that she explains everything as she's doing it.  Some instructors just do the steps, without calling them out, which makes them difficult to follow. This year, however, I've seen people who have never done step before come to class and in two days they've caught on to even the most complex choreographies.


I don't think so. Attitude. That's what makes the difference between a mediocre teacher and an excellent one.

Of course, if the instructor looks like this one, no words are necessary:

Okay, I know I posted that one before, but I just love, love, love that commercial!


  1. I, too, have come to appreciate the subtleties of a good fitness instructor. We have one back home at the YMCA in Minnesota...she's not someone I need to spend a lot of personal time with, but she's kickass hard and supportive and funny when she needs to be.

    Sigh. Speaking of things I miss in Land of No Gyms.

  2. Ah, shucks, Bud! Thanks for the shout-out. Now I HAVE to keep up the blogging! ;)

  3. Jocelyn: Yeah, good gym teacher is hard to find. What, no gyms in Turkey? They have flat screen tv, but no gyms? Sounds like a bad combination...I would end up with serious blogger butt in a place like that! ;)

    Bud: That was the idea ;) Now can we have a video? Please, purty please...