Sunday, October 24, 2010

Help! What's that in my sock!

I was folding some of the socks I'd just brought in from the clothesline this morning, and this little guy flew out of one of them.

Just about scared the s*¡t out of me!

Once I recovered from the initial shock, I thought it was pretty funny, since this is one of my favorite kinds of moths. When they fly the look like this (not my picture):

It's a Macroglossum stellatarum, or commonly known in Spain as a Esfinge Colibri (Sphinx Hummingbird). They do look a lot like tiny hummingbirds when they fly. In fact,the first time I saw one I thought, "Huh? Hummingbirds in Spain? Wait a minute, that's impossible, they don't have those here!" But I doubted, just for a minute. Even my husband did a double-take until we finally figured out it was just a moth.

Since then, this has been "my" moth, and Esfingecolibri is my pseudonym in places like YouTube and Flickr. (Maybe this one just wanted his fifteen minutes of fame in a YouTube video, but he took off too fast for me to take one).

Well, The one in my sock got away...and now he's loose somewhere in the house.

I'm expecting the cats to bring me a present any time now...


  1. wow, i would have thought it was a hummingbird too if i'd seen it in action. hope the cat enjoys its snack.

  2. Dude!! The same thing happened to me yesterday with a sock from the clothesline and the screaming like a little girl.

    I always wondered about your YouTubeonym; very interesting.

    Could someone good at finding moths be considered a "mother"? Eh, Mother Theresa?

  3. Lime: They really do look like tiny hummingbirds. The cat still hasn't found it, and I saw it flying around my living room this morning, but it got away while I was looking for something to catch it with.

    Erik: Dude! You screaming like a little that's something I would like to see ;) So, I guess I am a moth-er....I'm also pretty good at finding spiders, mice, shrews, etc. I wonder what that makes me...