Monday, October 18, 2010


Okay, I had my blog analyzed on an online web analyzer and it told me that I should compress my pngs, that I have too many external scripts, and that my css size is just too big. If you don't have a clue as to what I'm talking about, don't worry, I don't either. I guess this is what happens when you try to hack your blogger template if you're not a programmer.

So, now I'd better go and learn a lot about programming, fast, or give up and go back to a standard Blogger template...or should I say Blah-ger. Okay, maybe they do have some newer, more attractive templates than before, but I'm not ready to give up on the uniqueness of my blog just yet, so I'm going to go and see if I can figure out what all this mumbo-jumbo means.

Until I return in victory (because I'll be darned if I let something like the lack of highly complex programming skills get the best of me), I'll show you another kind of hack.

One that did work.

Warning! If you don't like cats, then run for your life...or proceed at your own risk and be prepared to see some seriously cute cat pictures.

I was really tired of having to see my cats' litter box, which is a real eyesore, and since I find the idea of teaching them how to use the toilet amusing, but pretty much beyond their limited attention span, I decided we needed a better solution. So we got one of these boxes at Ikea.

I just love Ikea. Not shopping there, but I do love how it solves my furniture needs at a reasonable price...and I also really like the funny names their stuff has.

Anyway, this time around the Hol box was the answer to my cat box troubles. I'd seen this hack on Ikea Hackers, so it's not really my idea, but we did modify it just a little to get this combination cat bed and litter box:

The box as-is is a pretty ugly color, so we put some teak oil on it, followed up with some wax for shine. That made a huge difference. Then we lined it with some cloth with velcro sewn on to hide what's inside. And we put in a mat, because what's a cat without a mat? Well, that's mostly for me, since I really hate stepping on crunchy stuff...unless it's sand at the beach.

Here's the difference in color:

We had an old crib mattress lying around (and we are definitely not going to be using that again), so I got some fake fur and came up with a pretty decent cushion to top off the box. The cats seem to enjoy it. Who wouldn't enjoy a soft cushy spot just next to the radiator? And the kids liked it so much that they even decided to give it a name...Foofy. Princess V even decided that the cats should share it with her, so she kicks them out whenever she can and curls up on Foofy with her DS.

Oh, and for all those who are reading this and thinking, eww, doesn't it smell up the living room? No, no smell. We fixed the smell problem ages ago by adding wood pellets to the litter. You know, the stuff people use for rabbit cages. It makes the cat litter last longer and there's absolutely no smell whatsoever...and, no, I don't have shares in the wood pellet industry or anything like that, I'm just giving out free advice (Wait a away free advice? Man, what am I, stupid? I think I'll just run out and get some of those shares now).

So, there you have it, an ikea hack that works, and unlike template hacking, it requires no special skills...well, unless you count the ability to saw through wood without cutting off any extremities.

We still have all our fingers, and we managed not to sew our pants to our shirt or anything like that, so all's well that ends well.

And before I go, here's just one last gratuitous cat picture of Mus digging the Foofy.


  1. that turned out great!! I bet Lapke would love it too:)

  2. Ya quisiera ser yo Fofy, toda ahí, relajadita, relax total, que te mimen y todo.
    Ikea hackers es buenísimo.
    Te ha quedado fenomenal el banco.

  3. This is turning into quite the Home Improvement blog!

    Very nice work. Only a few points off for no mention of Schrödinger.

  4. what a clever and visually appealing solution! well done.

    and may i say welcome back! it's so good to see you again :)

  5. I love the Foofy! My cats would band together to demolish it, though, or at least fight over who got to sleep on top. And we'd need several, what with 5 cats ... a whole house of Foofys! Ha ha, that's fun to say: Foofy, Foofy, FOOFY! :)

  6. Mem: Yeah, we're pretty proud of it...and I bet Lapke would like it. :)

    Orneta: That is a severely spoiled cat! ;)

    giozi: Sí, me encanta Ikea Hackers...hay unas ideas buenísimas. Y tampoco me importaría ser el gato durante un rato...está muy mimado.

    Eric: Damn, I knew I'd left something out! Okay, I'll get Schrödinger's Cat in a post one of these days. Then can I get the points? ;)

    Lime: It's good to see you!

    Bud: Well, it's easy enough to make, so you could have a whole house full of foofies. But then your cats would probably all want to be on the same foofy. Foofy. Yeah, that is fun to say...foofy, foofy, foofy! :D

  7. Hey T - I love this post! So creative of you to take something as ahem... yucky as a catbox and make it into something quite chic. I think I shall show it to my daughter who lives with me (along with her cat) and perhaps she will become inspired. I love that you are Mother Theresa :)

  8. mamiiiiii! It's written Fuffy not Foofy!