Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Conversations with Catgirl

I had the following conversation with Catgirl the other day (for those of you who are new around here, Catgirl is my eldest). She had just gotten back from checking out the mall with her friends...no actual shopping got done since she didn't have any allowance left for this month. She needed some long-sleeved tops, and was supposed to choose some so I could go with her the next day to fork over the dough, um, I mean, graciously buy them for her.

I was busy folding laundry.

Catgirl: Mamá?

Me: Hmmm?

Catgirl: I saw a really cute top!

Me: Oh, that's good.

Catgirl: Yeah, it's realllly cute...but...it's short-sleeved.

Me: I'm not buying you any short-sleeved tops. It's almost winter, besides you have a whole bunch. (I pointed to several that were waiting to be folded) What about the long-sleeved tops? Didn't you see any you liked?

Oh there weren't any long-sleeved tops, only short-sleeved ones. But the one I want is soooo cute...please, can I get it? It's only 9,95 €.

No long-sleeved tops? In a place as cold as Pamplona? I didn't know whether or not to buy that, but still, this is teen fashion we're talking about. And judging by the way most teenage girls walk around, it wouldn't be surprising that there weren't any long-sleeved tops.

Me: (Folding more tops) I'm sure it's reallly cute, but I'm still not buying you a short-sleeved top.

Pause. I start putting stuff away, thinking we were done....

Apparently we weren't.

(Follows me) If I give you a really good reason why I need that top, will you buy it for me?

Me: Unless that reason involves saving all of mankind from imminent disaster, probably not. (Okay, in real life I probably only said, "Probably not." But in my head I am just that funny.)

Catgirl: But it's a really good reason.

Me: Oh okay, tell me. But I probably still won't buy it.

Catgirl: Well....I want it to impress a boy.

My ears perked up. This was new.

Me: A boy?

Catgirl: U-huh.

My heart melted just a little...

Me: So, what does the shirt look like? (And that's when she knew she had me)

Catgirl: (gushing) It's a strappy black top that's fitted at the top, then blouses out a little and gets tighter at the bottom, and it's kind of pleated in the front. And it looks really good on me! (None too modest this girl of mine)

Me: Strappy? I thought you said short-sleeved. So, now we're talking about a top with no sleeves at all? And how are you supposed to wear that in the winter?

Catgirl: Oh, no big deal (as with all teens, everything in her life falls into two categories: no big deal and it's the end of the world)  I can put a sweater over it. I wear tops like this all the time and I never get cold.

Okay, so I was about to give in to buying my daughter an entirely impractical top that she didn't really even need...but I was young once too.

Oh, alright.

Catgirl started to hop around happily at this point.

Me: (Just to get the last word in) But you know you don't need a new top to impress a boy, it's not the top that should impress him.

Catgirl: Oh I know that, but I also really want that top.

Had I just been had, or what?

Still, this was the first time she'd ever mentioned liking a boy, even though I know this isn't the first. And we want to encourage that sort of communication...so we were buying that top.

We went to the mall to get it the next day. As we walked in, I noticed the store was full of long-sleeved tops. I pointed this out to Catgirl. To which she replied that those didn't count since she didn't like any of them.

Undeniable fact:  A fifteen year old girl's perception differs greatly from that of her parents.  If it doesn't interest her, it doesn't exist.  Kind of like the mess in Catgirl's room...according to her, there is no mess.

Wonder if that could work for me?  If I try hard enough maybe I can convince myself that there is no ironing to do...


  1. of course there is no ironing to do...especially if none of the wrinkled clothes are things you want to wear personally.

  2. je je je
    A mi me da mucho miedo la etapa de la adolescencia, yo fui muy pesada, pero no te imagino con una niña tan grande, cuántos años tiene?
    Eres tu la que aparece en el ícono?
    De cuándo es la foto? te veo tannnn joven...
    Tienes Flickr?

    Un besote

  3. Dear god! Stop writing my future blog posts!

  4. Lime: You are wise as ever! What ironing? ;)

    giozi: Sí, miedo da...y a mi me quedan 2 mas detrás de está. Ella tiene 15 y está en la plena edad del pavo. Y, sí, soy yo en la foto, pero es de hace unos tres años. Tengo 41...shhhh...no se lo digas a nadie. ;) Sí, tengo Flickr (el enlace está donde pone "Places for a Rainy Day"), pero cuelgo pocas fotos allí, suelo subir mas a Facebook. -Besos

    Erik: Hey, what can I say? I'm saving you a lot of work! Just cut and paste...and change the names around a bit. ;)

  5. Teenagers are an odd species. I have worked with them for 10 years and it still astounds me how oblivious they can be to some things.

    For example, teenagers are physically incapable of reading a sign, even if you print it in bright neon colors and plaster 3,000 of them on the front door. I have seen students walk up to the library doors, stand RIGHT IN FRONT of the sign that says "Closed for Testing", peer through the glass, see 50 students feverishly bubbling in answer keys, and STILL bang on the door and/or come in the back and ask if the library is closed.

    Conversely, they will avoid the back door (which is solid) like the plague if it is closed and insist that it is locked even though there is a sign on it that says "OPEN THE DOOR AND COME INSIDE".

  6. Bud: I wonder what would happen if you switched those two signs? ;D

  7. Oh god, that brought back memories of my teenage years... Although I would never, ever have confessed to my mother that I wanted it "to impress a boy"!!

    Aren't the teenage years full of joy and wonder!

  8. mondraussie: Oh yeah, joy, wonder...and a lot of other stuff! ;D

  9. MAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how can you post this...... ò_ó