Thursday, October 28, 2010

Conversations with Catgirl - Part two

This is the continuation of my conversation with Catgirl. If you haven't read part one, you'll need to do that first. We'll wait for you...

Done?  Good.  Then here goes part two:

Catgirl wore her new top to school the other day...with a sweater over it, because it was cooold!

Me:  Hey, nice top! So, what did your friends say?

Catgirl:  Oh, they liked it.

Me:  And what about The Boy? Did he notice it?

Catgirl:  U-huh.

Me:  So, what did he say?

Catgirl:  Nothing.

Me:  So, how do you know he noticed it?

Catgirl:   He looked at me.

Girl wears top, boy looks. In teenage terms this is a huge success.

I didn't quite have the heart to say that usually men don't pay attention to tops, they're usually much more interested in what's inside the top. And most won't notice the difference between a new one and one that we've had for years. Heck, we could probably paint our hair purple and paint our bottoms blue and they still wouldn't see any difference.

Not my husband, of course. He would see the difference. That's one of reasons I married him.


  1. Te he dejado un comentario en tu ultima foto de Flickr ;)

    Wow 3 niños y 41, me dijiste, no?
    Mujer, qué te tomas? en qué te conservas??
    Yo tengo 37 y ya me da miedo mirarme al espejo por las mañanas :(

  2. about your comment
    estás loquita jajajaja.
    te mandé un email :P

  3. giozi: No hago nada especial, bueno, mucho deporte, eso sí...pero porque me gusta, no por otra cosa. He visto tus fotos en Flickr y son geniales...y tu también estás genial. Quería dejarte comentarios en algunas, pero solo puedo en algunas, no sé porque. Jo, ¡y buena fotógrafa eres! Ya me gustaría a mi hacer fotos así. :)

  4. ah she'll learn the truth soon enough, best to let her have her delusion for now.