Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shouting in the New Year...and shouting out a great humor blogger.

Not even a Christmas post. Am I a pathetic blogger, or what? Lately it seems my blog posts mostly go on about how little blogging I actually do, which seems pretty pitiful. I mean really, who wants to read about how I'm just too busy, lazy, uninspired, or (fill in the blank with whatever adjective you like)? Don't think it hasn't occurred to me to put the poor thing out of it's misery once and for all, but I just can't bring myself to do it. It's like trying feed a baby mouse to a lizard...which I've done lately, and I can tell you it ain't pretty. So, the blog must go on, but I'm not making any promises, New Year's resolutions, or whatever about how I'm going to write more often. I know it's not going to happen, I'm terrible about keeping New Year's resolutions, so why bother. This whole thing will just keep straggling along until...well, I really don't know. But I'll try to find something interesting to say.

And now a word from someone who is not our sponsor: Don't get caught lying down on the blog....Visit Mattress Police today!

Okay, we will now return to our irregularly scheduled blog post. Um, let's see, an interesting thing for today...I know, I can send you somewhere infinitely more interesting than here. I started my blog without any real aim or purpose, but was inspired by this guy to try turning it into a humor blog. Whether or not I was successful or not is debatable (alright, I know I'm just fooling myself, just humor me), but that is in no way the fault of Diesel, master of all things funny, and head of the Mattress Police. The man is brilliant, dazzling, blinding, and (fill in light-related adjective here) in his humor...okay, I'll cut the crap, he's just downright funny. So, visit him, judge for yourself and then go vote for him for Best Humor Blog over at the 2008 Weblog Awards.

Didn't you see that coming? Man, am I subtle or what? But seriously, if anybody deserves this award it's Diesel...and I'm not saying that because he's paying me or anything...because he's not (damn, I knew I forgot to do something).

Hey Diesel, if you win, you think we can work something out...say a small percent of your book profits? No? Well, it was worth a try.


  1. brilliant, dazzling, and blinding? we talking about diesel or about some teeth whitening product? i wonder if he has minty fresh breath too.

    he is a funny fellow though and i am glad to have found you both.

  2. What? Your not getting paid for this promo? He offered me something to do one!

  3. You forgot "radiant," "perplexingly amusing," and "a master of web-based tomfoolery."

  4. Lime: I couldn't tell you about his breath, haven't actually gotten close enough, seeing as we're on opposite sides of the Atlantic...but even from here, his wit is brilliant.

    rjlight: Hey, totally unfair. So, what'd he offer you? Maybe I can at least weasel a free copy of his book out of this. ;)

    Brad: You're good...ever think of going into advertising? At least get Diesel to pay you for saying that. ;)

  5. haha, love the title of your blog. sunny greetings from BCN.

  6. I'm in the fan club, too, and I voted for him.

    But good plug, nevertheless. He really should hire you!

  7. Hi Theresa, just letting you know, this penguin is back in the world of blogging, good to see you are as well :)
    Not even a Christmas post...*shakes head*

  8. Take your time Teresa. We'll be here when your back to writing more regularly, or even if it's just sporadically from here on out.

  9. Inspire and resolutions and confirmations all together with some challenge a little courage and a colour pallets done by a rainbow you will find your creativity and put smiles back on your face and share that...Blog writing and create it - is fun as long it is free and give us lust. ;)

  10. Sometimes the ocean is a bit too big...

    These are all popularity contests. Diesel did well witht he votes he got. It's the material that counts anyway. I've done my own shameless promotion for these types of things and they're hollow in retrospect...

  11. I am soooooooo right here with you on the blogging about not blogging. But I redesigned my blog, which is a work in progress, but finally added you to my blogroll becuase you have been such a great blogging friend. I vowed to be a better one myself in 2009.