Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In a Blogging Funk

I'm in kind of a blogging funk these days, and even though it rains all the time here, it's definitely not raining ideas. Truth is that I have less time to blog than last year because I'm spending most of my afternoons cajoling, threatening to cut off Messenger access, and bribing with DS time to get my kids to do their homework. And the little time that's left I spend at my fitness class. That's what keeps me from going entirely insane after sitting with Princess V as she whines her way through endless long division problems.

This year the promise of buns of steel is a real possibility because our marvelous Russian girl has returned. No more elephant boy, no more cheerleader girl. Just our fabulous Russian girl, who gives the best aerobics and step classes I've ever had (and I've had a lot). And even better, with practice (and a lot of patience on her part) we're looking a lot less like dizzy ducks...but we are far away from ever looking as good as she does. But hey, everybody has to have a dream, so I keep on going and hope that someday I'll have half as much style as she does (pretty much a hopeless cause because she has rhythm coming out of every pore, and all I have is sweat). Sweat's good though, so I come home dead tired, but happy, and my blogger butt is starting to melt away. Now if only I could find a way to look a little less silly when we do funk aerobics...maybe if I just hang out at the back...nah, I can still see myself in the mirror...and so can everybody else. Well, at least they look equally embarrassed so at least we're all in this together. And it could be worse, at least we don't look like this:

Thank God the 80s are gone...hopefully forever. And if you want to see who's really too sexy for his shirt, then shake your booty on over here. Well, maybe sexy isn't the right word, but funny...there's plenty of that.


  1. long division will kick your buns of steel every time.

    and the video is like a car wreck. i wanted to look away....but couldn't.

  2. I started yoga and well, I'm not that flexible. It's good though and I'm improving, but gosh, I just didn't think my legs were supposed to open that much.

    Don't we all want buns of steel...!

  3. Mohohaaaa...I have been laughing like h..L I nearly felt of my chair. The film is crazy...*ROFL*...

    I want you to join us and be one of the contributors in "Contemplation"
    I will send you an invention.

    You can check out the blog here

    Love Fancy

  4. Good for you, Theresa. I finally started working out again myself. (My latest caption contest pic was actually intended to be a "before" pic -- my wife took it the last time I stopped working out for several months. Not pretty.)

  5. lime: Long division is why I really need that class...well, and blogging doesn't do my butt much good either. Richard Simmons is like a car that can give you nightmares. :)

    zhu: Good for you, just keep trying and eventually your legs will do exactly what you want. What I want is to dance like Ania, but unless I sell my soul to the devil that isn't likely. Besides, all eternity in hell may not quite be worth it...but maybe if I just lend it to him for a while... ;)

    fancy: Yeah, that's what I remember about aerobics in the 80's...brings back some scary memories. Ok, I accept the invitation, but no promises. These days just keeping this blog going is hard enough. :)

    diesel: Now you know that after that you're going to have to show us an after pic, so we can admire your, um, efforts. ;)

  6. Get you sefg over to my place and pic up your award *L*

  7. Freudian "wrongspelling" ***SELF***

  8. No you have your award in my blog...*LOL* in

  9. fancy: With all those blogs a girl's bound to get confused. Okay, got and now I'll pass it on. :)

  10. OMG I just had a flashback to the aerobics part of PE class! At least Richard Simmons didn't teach the class ... That would have been scarier than volleyball!

  11. The video posted in this blog entry is no longer available. It states, "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by WMG.". Would like to see it, though!

    Saludos, MadridMan