Monday, July 7, 2008

Will I Survive San Fermin 2008?

Okay, I'm coming out of my temporary retirement to do a really short post. San Fermin has begun, and everyone in Pamplona is suffering from an acute case of temporary insanity. Lucky for me I live outside of Pamplona, which doesn't necessarily mean I'm entirely sane, but at least I get to sleep at night.

Anyway, the guys from El Diario de Navarra (the local newspaper) have asked me to do a special blog for their San Fermin website, so I'll be spending the next 8 days over there. I'm supposed to be giving people my own unique point of view about San Fermin, which means I'll actually have go to the party. I usually only go to a few things because I really hate crowds, but this year, in the name of blogging, I'll make an exception and go into the heart of it all. Come visit and leave me a comment, even if you're not taking part in this crazy festival. But don't expect to find me running in front of the bulls or taking my top off and jumping into the crowd from a fountain. I will, however, tell you about all the other people that are doing these crazy things, while I sit back with a nice cold beer and watch them.

Will I survive? Wait and see.


  1. Hi Theresa,
    I already read your first two posts. It is great that you are doing that. Only in english? I remember San Fermin very well and loved it the few times that I was there.Have fun writing and who knows you might even become a regular reporter for that paper.

  2. I hate it when you're too busy to take your top off or deal with a whole lot of bull...

  3. Very nice. Way to stick it to Euskadi by spelling txupinazo with a "ch". :-)

    It's gotta be weird seeing your town transformed like that. I'm gonna try to madrugar for all the encierros this week, but it's already six hours until the next one and I'm not in bed yet.

    Too bad there's no commenting over on or I'd say what a great job you've done so far. No pressure...

    I can't help wonder every year about how the bull running is so divided between the sexes. Men might be slightly faster than women on average, but surely there are thousands of women more agile than the drunken yahoos scrambling across the cobblestones every morning. It must be that women have more commonsense, or that whatever drives the runners is very testosterone based. I'd be curious to see a study about how the annual runners' testosterone levels compare to that of the male average. I bet there's a strong correlation. Touch on that subject if you want...or don't...

    You'd better be blogging with your pañuelo on! Gora San Fermin!

  4. a window into the craziness. who knew you'd get a "professional" gig out of this blogging thing?

  5. I can't tell you how weird it is to see a Friesian name on that site.

  6. What a very cool blogging task! I will visit, you big drunkard.

  7. I tried leaving you a comment there, but it was being persnickety...but know I was there!

  8. You almost convinced me you really didn't want to party.
    Have a fun time!

  9. Mamá no te pases que no están tan mal.

  10. Uff, finally here to check the comments. :)

    mem: It's all just for fun, and yeah, only in English, for all those foreigners out there who are celebrating the fiesta.

    ve: Well, you know how it goes...I'll just leave the getting nekkid part to others. If you feel so inclined, you know where the party is. ;)

    erik: I didn't really spell it that way to stick it to them or anything. Truth is, I don't have anything against the basque customs and culture, it's just the whole political thing behind it all that I don't like. It is weird to see Pamplona change over night, but I really do like it, as long as I can go home again after a few hours. You get up every day to watch the encierro? Believe it or not, I have yet to go to one. I usually just watch the bit that's on the news at lunch, but someday I'll get up at 6 to go see it live...someday. And sorry, I'm not blogging with my "pañuelico" because it's just too hot here, but anytime I go out these days, I put on my whites, my scarf and my sash like everybody else. Oh, and commenting is finally on over on the other pressure. ;)

    lime: When I started my blog I wouldn't have believed it if someone had told me I'd be doing this. But it's not really professional. I'm not getting paid or anything, it's just for the fun of it.

    diesel: Not so wierd really. In San Fermin there are more foreigners here than Pamploneses. At first they had me up as "Theresa Osinaga". Osinaga is a common last name around here, and everybody makes that mistake with my last name.

    jocelyn: Oh my big drinking and partying days are over since now I go out with my kids, and I have to set a good example (darn). But a nice cold beer now and then doesn't hurt anyone, and you can bet I'll have a few to celebrate the "fiesta".

    seraphine: Oh I'll be partying alright, but just not the way I used to.

    catgirl: No te ofendas, chica, que lo digo en broma. Bueno, a medias. Me gustan los San Fermines, pero mucha gente se vuelve un poco loca y hacen muchas tonterías, y eso ya me gusta menos.

  11. I hope my children, should they exist, will eventually leave a few "¡Papá, no te pases!" comments on my blog. :-)

  12. Wish I could be there, I'm running with the holiday exodus in Oslo!

  13. oh man, that sounds like a holiday to me. Drink a cold one and watch people do crazy stuff. Be careful, please. I always see random people that look like they are safe getting the crap beat out of them at San Fermin.