Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What's in the box?

Okay, I'm back. And I have the pics I promised. I picked out some of the boxes we have stored downstairs and decided to take a peek at what's inside. It's been years since those have been opened. Maybe they should have been left shut....but, oh well, here goes nothing. I may regret this, but let's see if there's anything to throw out.

This is the first thing the kids fished out. Catgirl wasted no time putting these on and now she wants to keep them. I should have known better than to do this with the kids around.

And this helped me pass high school chemistry. We were allowed to take in notes to the final...as long as they fit onto the periodic table. You can still kind of see my tiny penciled-in writing. There's more on the back...stop trying to turn it over and pay attention. I ended up with writer's cramp, but I passed. And the stupid thing is, after writing all that, I knew it so well that I didn't need to look. Craming in all that stuff actually got us to study. And here we thought the teacher was throwing us a bone.

Essay on Ode on a Grecian Urn. Got an A+ so I can't quite bring myself to throw this one away.

I drew this after going to see Les Miserables. These days I have a hard time drawing stick figures.

Button from elementary school. Go Lions! Okay, we didn't have a team or anything, but I did try to join cheerleading once. I really don't know who we were cheering for, not having a team and all, but cheer we did. Didn't work out...thankfully.

And this is something I found in my grandmother's old sewing box once when I was a kid. I know what it is now, but back then I didn't have a clue. I just thought it was neat. Anybody guess what it is?

Well, that was...useless. Fun, but useless as far as cleaning out the closet is concerned since everything is going back into the box. I'll be back with more tomorrow.


  1. A+??? Well next time I'm gonna copy off YOUR homework...

    I have no idea what that thing is...some sort of mouse trap? A mimiature trapeze set? Something the Amish made?

  2. I think it's some part of old school underwear, like for a garter or something?

  3. Loved the periodic table! I need to scan you a copy of my stats cheat sheet during college. Or better yet, blog about it. They did the whole 'you can bring whatever will fit on one piece of paper' deal and I was actually able to fit the entire text onto 1 sheet of paper. Amazing!

  4. your drawing is really lovely! and the garter clip made me giggle.

  5. You danced on point? And so does catgirl? I am so impressed!

  6. I remember that chemistry class! Didn't we spend most of our time passing notes? And yet you still ended up valedictorian ... how'd we do that?

  7. Hi Theresa. I just came from Michelle's blog and thought let me see if Theresa said anything.Oh yes those "block shoes"I remember them. And you were always good at drawing, I also have a picture of a girl that you drew once and one of a squirrel. Maybe Rocio has her creativity from you? Oh those memories, aren't they nice? I would not throw anything away either.I think I just figured out who fionacat is!That's neat that you two have contact this way again.Till next time. Love, Mem

  8. I'm a little freaked out here. Last summer, I went through pretty much the same box, right down to the toe shoes and essay on the Grecian urn.

    Stop living my life, hon. Or the other way 'round...

  9. Dang, you're smart!!! The only thing I ever got an A in was Music and history classes... And I've never figured out how girls, or anyone, for that matter, can stand on their toes like that. I bow to you!

    That looks like some sort of belt bucket thingy. *smile*

  10. You can't do any better than an A+. Well, despite that, I'm giving you an A++ on your blog. :)

    Grandma had a hosery clip, commonly called a garter clip, or simply grandma's suspenders.

  11. It's always good to show A+ essays to kids -- I think my parents did the same to me.

    Your drawing is really good! And dancing& Any other hidden skills??

  12. To everyone who guessed garter clip...you're absolutely right! I'm guessing my gran must have used this in her day.

    ve: Do they give you homework? ...poor thing! But no wonder, if you only work one day a year. ;)

    jeff: You guessed it! You're the winner, since you're first. Sorry, no fabulous prizes, though. :)

    alice: Hey, maybe we could form the tiny writer's league or something. :)

    orneta: Yeah, I used to, but I doubt I could manage it now. Catgirl doesn't; she just put them on and held herself up by leaning on the couch for the picture.

    fionacat: Yeah, I still have some of those notes. There was one where we came up with bumper stickers for all the teachers, remember? Here are just a few:
    Mr. Chappell: Kiss me, I love Tungsten!
    Mr. Pine: F=ma, and don't you forget it buddy!
    Mr. Reeves: Remember, you can't teach an old gnu dog tricks!
    Mrs. Creeden: Hey guys, it's an easy test!
    ...and so on, and so forth. And we also had some with R and S problems. It's a wonder we learned anything at all. :D

    lime: Thanks. I get a kick out of that thing too. It must have been pretty uncomfortable to wear those, but way more sexy than regular pantyhose.

    mem: Nope, I won't be throwing this stuff away. "Fionacat" found me on Facebook, fancy that. We're having loads of fun with it.

    jocelyn: Was the other garter clip in your box?

    pavel: Thanks. *blush* Belt buckle, eh? ;)

    seraphine: Thanks, that's the best grade I ever got. Yep, that's a garter clip.

    rjlight: Yeah, can you imagine wearing these things? :)

    zhu: Unfortunately, my kids don't know what an A+ is, since the grades here go by numbers. Guess I'll have to translate and wave it in their faces to see if it works. My drawing was good, now it's pretty pitiful since I don't really do it anymore. I used to play the clarinet too, but I kind of sucked at that because I hated practicing.

  13. You have a pretty funny piece of the blogosphere here dear... funny I don't know why I've never been over before. Can't stick around tonight, but thanks for the laughs. When I look at your picture, I see in living color, my grandmother in all her glory, hose, garters, the whole shebang. Loved it. I'll be back, oh my dear Facebook friend. ;)