Saturday, June 28, 2008

This Is Not A Test...


This is not a test of the Emergency Blogcasting System. This is the real thing. We interrupt this the irregularly scheduled programming of this blog to bring you an important (to me anyway) news flash. Due to inopportune bureaucracy hassles and other real life business (kids on vacation, busted watering system, awning to fix, and hey, even bloggers need a little time away...), this blog will temporarily be on hiatus. For how long? That's a good question, but since this is only a pre-written message, there is no one here to answer it. You are urged to follow the following instructions which blog authorities (namely me) consider vital for your survival:
1. Leave lots of comments on this post (vital for the survival of this blogger).

2. Visit all the blogs on the expandable blogroll that can be found on the right hand side of this blog.

3. Go to Scrivel to stock up on humor to tide you over through this blog's dry spell.

4. Visit Central Snark for further emergency instructions.

5. Come back and check this blog periodically for signs of life.
This concludes this post of the Emergency Blogcasting System.


  1. Sorry to hear that.

    You forgot to mention the annual avoidance of the locos in red and white.

    Does your blog get a San Fermin spike when the reporters of the world do searches for "pamplona blog"?

    Que descanses bien.

  2. Have fun and good luck with the bureuocracy (how do you spell that, actually, no I am glad I don't know how)

  3. Don´t go for too long, will miss ya.

  4. Enjoy your sabbatical and don't take too long a break, will ya?

  5. well rats. i am sorry to hear it.

  6. This will not stand! The dude does not abide. Oh, who am I kidding, have fun...

  7. Please tell me you haven't been kidnapped Theresa - say the safe word!


  8. As long as you are drinking some great wine, having passionate sex and doing something your mother always told you not to do ... then I am ok with you being away from your blog.
    Not for long tho ... that wine, sex, fun thing can get addicting...
    Catherine, the redhead blogger

  9. Hola Theresa,

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  10. Oh, sweetie, you are such a constant and reassuring presence in the blog world that I will miss you profoundly. Come back towards the light, baby...

  11. erik: Oh, I'm still around, just need a rest from posting to do some RL stuff. And this year I won't be avoiding the red and whites at all, I'll be right there in the middle of it all. Never thought about the San Fermin search spike, I'll have to check that out. :)

    orneta: I wish I didn't know how to spell it because it's horrible. But, on the bright side, things are starting to look up now.

    bluestreak: I have the feeling I'll be back sooner than you think; the temptation is just too much to stay away for long.

    pavel: If I were relaxing on the beach I would enjoy it much more. These days I'm just swamped with stuff to do, but I'll be back soon.

    lime: What I am missing most is not having time to read all my favorite blogs. I miss you.

    ve: If only it were to have fun, but it's a lot of work out here. Besides, I miss reading your blog. All work and no ve makes me....very bored.

    brad: Aw, that's sweet. :)

    zhu: Kidnapped, yes well you could say I've been kidnapped by RL demands. Nah, that sounds too exciting, and it's not really. ;)

    catherine: I wish it were that, but it's bureaucracy and other boring stuff that just needs to get done. Not addicting at all. :)

    jocelyn: What I miss is you, and all my other blogger buddies. The light is tempting, so I'll be back soon. I just hope it's not one of those bug zapper lights you've got there. ;)

  12. you're right. we all need time away. and having a messy watering system is definitely high on my list of to-do fix-its.
    who wants to blog while wearing adult diapers anyway?

  13. seraphine: You always make me laugh. :D