Monday, June 9, 2008

The "gato" is out of the bag...

My blog is in El Diario de Navarra (the local paper)! WTF? How did this happen? My husband came home with a print-out of the article that one of his workmates pointed out to him.

I wonder how they even found me, since I even have trouble finding me. Kind of bizarre, really. The whole thing is about bloggers in Navarra, and for some reason they included me as "una madre en Zizur" (a mother in Zizur). Well, they got the mother part right, but I wonder where they ever got the idea that I live in Zizur. I guess this is a clear sign that you should only believe half of what you read in the paper, eh? Keeping that in mind, I wonder what should I make of the following headline: TV Team Abducted by Al Qaeda-Linked Militants in Philippines? Maybe a TV team was abducted by an angry horde of anti-Al Gore fanatics in Philadelphia. Or it could mean an all-girl football team was abducted by Al Qaeda for not covering their heads. Hmmm, I wonder which would be more likely. And how about: Bush talks of troubled economy. Which part should I believe? That Bush talks? Or that the Economy is troubled? I guess I'll go with the troubled economy bit. Then again, just because Bush talks it doesn't mean that what he says has to make sense.

Anyway, that's not really the point. I didn't tell most of the people I know about my blog, so I guess now the "gato" is out of the bag. Not that I mind really, but I guess I'll have to warn them that I'm not always as nice as I seem. For some reason I think this is going to get me in trouble somewhere along the line. Oh well, "de perdidos, al rio" which is a Spanish saying meaning more or less "since we're lost anyway, we might as well go to the river." Why to the river? Beats me, but I guess it's better than standing around looking stupid.

So, instead of standing around looking stupid, I blog instead.


  1. Ha!
    When Bush talks, you are really hearing Rumsfeld and Cheney talk. Bush is simply the puppet.

    I had a good chuckle over this~! You can only believe NONE of what you hear, and HALF of what you see.
    As for what you read, probably half applies there too.

  2. So who ratted you out? Dang them. I'd change my name and address and then send secret codes to my blogging friends looking for my new location. heck with them. Sounds like you took the latter approach.

  3. That's pretty darned cool!

    But I didn't see your URL in the article. Did I miss it or didn't they publish it?

  4. Woo hoo! You're famous! Sorta!

  5. wow, that's crazy. who would have thought you'd be found by the newspaper?

  6. wow, in the paper with your first and last name. How did they find you and don't they need permission to put your name in like that?I don't think I would like it.

  7. Hi Theresa!
    very nice to meet you and congrats for your mention in the Navarra paper..!

    So tell me, is it rainy or cloudy in your part of Spain?

    Que pases un super dia!

  8. Lala again...

    actually on second thoughts and after reading the article in the paper, yes, don't you think they should have asked you first before mentioning your name?

  9. Oh my gosh! You will now have a rush of fans! rush of fans! Coooolll for you.

    I'm off humor blogs now. Not sure why. But my blog is still out there.

    Love your blog as always. Maybe that is why it was in the paper -- because fans all over the world love you.

  10. I'd be flattered and a bit annoyed. I love telling stories to the world but I hate it when my world reads them...

    Oh well. Gato is out, that's it. Could have been worse. They could have mistaken your blog for an X-rated site or something!

  11. gillian: Glad you enjoyed it, and you're right about what you can believe. The best rule is to be skeptical about any information until you can verify it. :)

    suburban: Thanks! :)

    ve: To heck with them, as you so aptly put it. But I am curious how they found my blog.

    jeff: Well, I'm not sure if it's cool or not. It sure did surprise me, though. My url is on the second page and in the printed version there's even a screenshot.

    alice: Nah, it was in the technology section. Who reads that anyway?

    lime: It is crazy, since my blog isn't on any Spanish blog listing, and it doesn't come up if you Google "blogs navarra" or anything (well, okay it does after writing this post). I can't figure it out.

    mem: I guess they don't since it is a public page, but the funny thing is that it doesn't have my last name on it anymore. I changed that quite a while back, so I don't really know how they got it. Anyway, I suppose it doesn't matter much as long as people don't know exactly where I live.

    castle in spain: Thanks, I guess they should have asked first, but it is a public blog, so maybe not. It's cloudy over here. How's it down there? Glorious I'm sure. :)

    jonny's mommy: So far it hasn't made any difference in traffic. I'm thinking people don't really read this stuff. I love your blog too and I'll keep visiting even if it's off HumorBlogs.

    zhu: Yes, I'm annoyingly flattered...does that make any sense? Funny how it's okay if everybody else knows your business, as long as it's not the neighbors.