Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tomorrow's the Big Day

For V's Communion I bought a cute dress.
It's not Valentino, but it'll do, I guess.
Because of the neckline, a new bra was in order.
All this is causing a real pocketbook disorder.

And then I found I needed some shoes,
Since I didn't have any in the right hues.
The shoes obviously required a new purse,
Something to which I wasn't averse.

The weather's not nice, so I got a pashmina
I may freeze my butt off, but I'll look "divina".
All this shopping has tired me out,
And left my bank account in a bit of a drought.

But what's done is done,
So bring on the fun.

Tomorrow we'll all be dressed to the nines,
Ready and willing to try some fine wines.
After it's over we'll be too stuffed to walk,
In fact, we may even be too full to talk.

I hope this little poem doesn't drive you away,
Next time there'll be something better, okay?
I'll be back with lots pictures to share,
And there'll be no more rhyming. Really, I swear.


  1. Very nice. So nice that it pains me to point out a possible error. I think you probably meant "averse" instead of "adverse". Both meanings are negative, but it makes more sense to me without the d.

    I think I'll stick to blogging in prose, myself. Rhyming is a lot of work.

  2. Nice job.

    You're a poet and I didn't even know it.

    Tell V congratulations for me!

  3. Good luck....hope it doesn't rain on you.

  4. Love the poem!

    And many blessings, whether rainy or bright.

    I'm sure you'll all look beautiful!

  5. Wow, did you realize that this whole post rhymed? What are the odds?

  6. Poetry and Communion.
    I can't think of a life
    any fuller, a union.

  7. All those year of Sinter Klaas poems left an impression on you I suppose. I hope you had a good Communion day. We had Joseph's party today, so I guess celebration was in the air.

  8. well congrats to vi
    i'm sure her mum was a fashion icon like lady di

    (terrible example of rhyme i know)

  9. Not sure if you noticed, but the whole post is like a poem.

    EDIT: shit, Diesel said it first! :D

  10. erik: Oops, you're right about that. I was finishing that up in a hurry and didn't check it. Rhyming is relaxing, but proofreading is not.

    jeff: Will do, she'll love to know that she's the star of my blog today.

    orneta: Nope, didn't rain. I guess we really did luck out, since it has been raining a lot lately.

    jozet: Thanks. It turned out cloudy, but no rain, so I'm happy.

    diesel: I think they're about 2078945834905:1 against. Even more amazing is that you showed up for the rhyming post. A day sooner and you would have missed it. ;)

    serafine: Oh, I'm sure you can. ;) But that's a nice little rhyme.

    michelle: I guess that's it. This must be some flashback thing. ;)

    lime: Great rhyme, but I'm not too sure it's true. :)

    zhu: Nah, I didn't realize it until Diesel pointed it out to me. What would we do without him? ;)

  11. Dr. Suess couldn't have done better!

  12. Wow! An ode to shopping, this should be called...

  13. cute :) I hope you had a great time. I am sure you did and all of you looked great and I am also sure your pocketbook is very bare! ;0

  14. ooh, I just noticed you are keeping track of comments and I'm not even in the top ten

  15. ve: That is the highest of honors. I love Dr. Seuss. :)

    pavel: Brilliant title. Why didn't I think of that myself.

    rjlight: We did, and the pocketbook is very bare I'm afraid. Keep the comments coming and you'll be up there in no time. :)

  16. Ta-RIF poem. I've now viewed the photos of that dress, though, and am wondering why a new bra was in order. I feel that there's a story there. Did you need more hoist, or what?