Saturday, May 31, 2008


I got nothin'. Actually, I've got a lot of things. Too many things. My house will soon be buried under all the stuff that comes in here. Every time I throw something out, more stuff comes in; especially unidentifiable doodads that my kids find and bring home. Then I find all these little screws, buttons, and doohickeys all over the place, and since I'm not sure where they came from I save them. I mean, what if I throw something away and later discover that it's a really important piece to some essential thing that we can't live without? Hasn't happened so far...but better safe than sorry. Unfortunately, if this ever does happen, we probably won't be around to see it, since we will have been crushed under the weight of all those "important, essential, albeit unidentifiable items".

Okay, that's really just a lame excuse for not writing anything. I really don't have anything today. And we're having a guest over for lunch, so I have to shove all the doohickeys into the nearest closet, and hope it won't explode.

I'll be back. Maybe even with pictures of all the stuff I find when I finally decide to clean out that closet. Whoever helps me figure out what it is gets....

....the satisfaction of figuring it out. Hey, I just spent a fortune on Princess V's communion, what more do you want from me?

Okay, I'm done. Just go over to Scrivel for some unidentifiable, but essential humor.


  1. Just THROW it out...or send it off to goodwill, whatever the Spanish equivalent is called...I love to purge that stuff out...feels good when it's gone.

    I've been thinking the same thing lately as I gaze in astonishment at the sheer volume of stuff in our place. All in a year and a half!

  2. My wife always saves stuff and I tell her to throw it out. Then the button pops off my coat, and I think I'm saved because she always keeps stuff. However, she threw out when we moved because I complained. Not to say you shouldn't throw all that crap away, just that as soon as you do, you'll need it. That's just the way the world works.

  3. I know how you feel. Last weekend I went through my closet and pulled out a bagful of clothes to give to charity and yet somehow, there are just as many clothes in there as there were before. I think my closet is some kind of clothing breeding area (I just wish something new and cute that FITS would grow in there -- so far it's just the same old stuff; I swear there are things I've thrown out that keep coming back ...)

  4. You need a barn to fill up with crap you don't need, like I have.

  5. More importantly, what are you feeding your guest???

  6. I just went through my stuffs and threw away a whole bag of paper (recycled, of course), some old clothes etc.

    Took me like three hours but I feel better. Somehow, the more cluttered is home, the more cluttered is my brain.

  7. I used to save everything. Then about five years ago, I threw out a third, gave a third to charity and organized the third I wanted to keep (I bought special library boxes and/or plastic to store my remaining treasures in). I've quit "collecting" useless stuff, but things like books and DVDs are piling up again.

  8. orneta: You're absolutely right! I am going to throw out the soon as I have another cup of coffee. Fifteen years of stuff can't be tackled without a good dose of caffeine. Too bad they don't have garage sales here. :)

    johnada: That is the problem. I've thrown things away before only to find that I really needed it later. The stuff I save, I never need. Life is strange, isn't it?

    fionacat: I would love a closet that grows new cute things, but unfortunately mine only seems to grow things that don't fit right or are unfashionable.

    diesel: Unfortunately, most of us aren't lucky enough to own several acres of land like you do. But then again, I don't have a Grundir to keep either, so I guess I can manage with my 3m x 3m shed.

    gillian: We fed him "cocido" a spanish dish with chickpeas. He seemed to like it, so I guess we did okay. :)

    zhu: 3 hours? It would take me something like 3 weeks to go through all our junk. I really need to get started.

    seraphine: Good for you. You sound very organized. Want to come over and help me? I throw stuff out several times a year, but there always seems to be too much.

  9. Well nice to know you are still out there...

  10. Yep, stuff. I'm familiar with stuff. I have three kids full of stuff and there are only so many places to put away all their knicknacks. They usually don't want me to throw any of it out, so I have to wait till their not looking... (smile)