Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Boy, Do I Have a Real Weekendover

I'm suffering from long-weekendover.
For those of you who don't know what that is, and I'm guessing that's almost everyone, since I just made it up, it's like a hangover, but instead of being caused by alcohol, it's caused by long weekends. Notice I didn't post on Monday. That's because Monday was spent trying to recover from four days with the kids at home. Not easy, let me tell you.
And this week, not easy either. Catgirl will be leaving for Vertou (France) on Sunday, so she's I've got a lot of packing to do. This is the list she made of stuff she's taking (click on it to see it up close):

As you can see, she's listed each and every DS game she "needs" to take, but the clothes are just listed as "ropa". Yes, we do have our priorities straight.
Besides that, we're getting ready for Princess V's Communion. Why am I feeling déjà vu? Didn't we just do this? Oh wait, that was Ro's Communion. So, here we go again with dress fittings, restaurant reservations, invitations....help! Is my dress going to fit? Stay tuned and find out just how pissed I get when the zipper won't close.
Whew, did I just faint? It's awfully hard to breath in this dress....unzipping... Now, where was I?
And to top it all off, we're adopting....waiting for my mom to pick herself up of the floor... a cat. Scared you for a minute there, didn't I Mem? One of my birthday presents from Jesús and the kids was a kitten, but they decided I should pick it, so I've spent the last month looking for one. This is the result:

I found an ad on the Internet for free kittens in Navarra, so I sent an e-mail. It turns out that they are in Tudela, which is like 90km from Pamplona. No, I couldn't just find kittens in Pamplona, that would be too easy. But he's just so cute, I couldn't resist. So, we'll be driving an hour there, and an hour back on Saturday to pick him up.
Yeah, I'm really good at complicating my life. I guess that comes with improvising. So, I'm just repeating my mantra: Everything always falls into place...everything always falls into place...as long as it doesn't fall on my head.
Now I have to come up with a name for the little fella...any ideas? Leave your suggestions in the comments.


  1. He is the cutest! how about Hemmingway for a name?

  2. Everything falls in place.
    Everything around it continues
    in chaos.
    I want to go to France.
    How about Obelix, after the
    character in the Asterix comic?
    It's a great hairy cat name.
    Especially if you overfeed him.

  3. Don't worry, if the kitten turns out to be a disaster they only live for about 20 years; you should outlive it no problem...

  4. Name for the kitten...hmmmm, we call a weekendover a funover...I am suffering too....maybe funover for the cat??? Naw...bad karma there.

  5. He's beautiful! Looks at least part Siamese. I never get to choose a cat, they choose me it seems.

    Hmmm...names...you could always call him Diesel for some extra Humor Blogs points.

  6. cute kitten...bugsy? he looks like a bugsy

  7. You got to see him in person before you can name him. What if his personality doesn't match his name? When I was growing up we had a cat named Tinkerbell. He was not a Tinkerbell.

    Also, I don't know if you have experience with kittens, but keep your toes covered.

  8. Hmm ... how about Clem? :) Seriously, you have to wait until you meet him and he tells you his name. Cats are very fussy about names. And I'm not just saying this because my cats are telling me to -- I have a mind of my own! I do, I do!!

  9. la: Hi and welcome to my blog. Okay, I put Hemmingway on the list. There are five of us in the family so we're making a list and then we'll vote.

    seraphine: Ooh, I like that. Very insightful observation. Obelix is on the list. :)

    ve: Yeah, I think I've got at least twenty more good years in me. ;)

    orneta: Funover, that's a good word, I like that even better than weekendover. But we don't want any bad karma around here, so I don't think it's a good idea to name the cat that.

    alice: He must be half and half, since all the other kittens in the litter are totally different. Hmm, Diesel, I don't know. Wouldn't want it going to his head. ;)

    Lime: Okay, Bugsy is on the list. But I hope he doesn turn out bugsy like our other cat when we got her. She was completely covered with fleas and we had to give her at least five baths to get rid of them.

    Johnada: You have a point there, because every cat has it's personality. So, we'll make a list and once we meet him, we'll decide. That's what we did with our youngest daughter and it worked out pretty well. ;) Yeah, I know about the toes, we have another cat, so we'll be careful.

    Jules: Howdy Bud! Glad to see you found your way here. Clem - I haven't thought about him in ages. Okay, it's on the list. We'll have to see what he's like first and then we'll have a better idea of what to call him. Oh, and tell your cats to untie you now. ;)

  10. he defintely looks like he's got some siamese in him. but since he's spanish, how about Pablo?

    or maybe sinbad but only if he likes sailing :-)

  11. Awwww... is he a Ragdoll? We got a Ragdoll girl last summer... she is the sweetest cat I have ever had. So soft, so laid back. He is a real cutie!

  12. How about Koji? Of course he isn't an orphan, but he looks like the former Koji.

  13. Hahaha, that sounds like a packing list that Tali would have. Once before a beach vacation, she had all of her things itemized out...pails/shovels, etc. under her name and Cash under "Mommy." That's about right.

    What an adorable kitty! Frank Sinatra with those blue eyes :)

  14. If your life feels too complicated, take a moment to appreciate your daughter's simplicity. All we really need is a ropa.

  15. i feel like i have a weekendover all the time! it's brutal.