Sunday, April 6, 2008

Woman Make Fire

Jesús has taken the girls for a spin around Pamplona, and I've been left in charge of lighting the barbecue.
What? Me light the barbecue?
Now wait a minute! That's a man's job. You know, it goes with the whole "Man is here, Man make fire" thing. But Man is not here, so today Woman makes fire. Man's parting words as he left for Pamplona, "Just douse the coals with lots of alcohol and throw a match on."
Well, I hope Man likes Woman without eyebrows, because I have a strong feeling she won't have any by the time this is over, at least not if she follows those instructions.
Well, I'd better get to it. Wish me luck. While this woman goes out to make fire, why don't you visit me over at Scrivel.
And the humor's on fire over at Central Snark.


  1. This explains the big mushroom cloud I saw coming out of Navarra earlier.

  2. Hi Theresa,
    Thanks for the visit to my blog. It's always nice to meet fellow expats ;)
    I hope that the fire went guys aren't late; our outdoors furniture isn't even out yet !

    The weather has been very unstable here near Paris; it even snowed this morning.

    Have a nice day ;)

  3. Is all of Europe on fire now? I keep checking the international news...

  4. I think you pour a bit of alcohol on the coals, drink a bit of alcohol, pour some more, and then drink a bit more and then light the fire!

  5. Worse than losing your eyebrows is losing your eyelashes. Trust me on this.

  6. Woman without eyebrow latest fashion from Paris. *I* would know, trust me!

  7. The fact that there's no follow-up post is making me very, very worried.

  8. Wow. So how'd it go? You still alive? You survive the process?

    And guys can mess that up, too. All my college roommates (except me) singed their arm hair off at various points because of mistakes made lighting a grill.

  9. erik: Shh. I'm still hiding from the authorities. ;)

    barbara: We had the barbecue, but now it's back to rain as usual. At least there's no snow, that would be too much for an ex-California girl.

    ve: Nah, it's raining, so the fire went out.

    rjlight: Not a bad strategy, as long as you don't stand too close to the fire. ;)

    sornie: I'm afraid to ask. ;)

    zhu: Oh, in that case maybe I should try again, because so far the eyebrows survived.

    jocelyn: Still here, and still have all my parts. :)

    dorky dad: Yes! I am now a barbecue expert. Well, maybe not an expert, but at least I can do it without killing or maiming anyone in the process.