Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What Have I Done!?

For those of you who were wondering, Woman made fire and still has eyebrows. But, for some reason, I think that most of the people coming to this blog don't care about that. I checked my stats today and realized that since last week, visits to my blog have gone way up.

After checking out what has led people to my blog, I think this post may be the reason why. Here's the keyword analysis for my blog:

So, it seems people think I'm some sort of authority on "animal sex". Sorry to disappoint you, guys, but the only non-human sex you'll find here is a picture of a couple of storks doing their thing.  So, if you're here looking for something else, you can just turn around and march yourself right back over to Google, you'll find lots of it there.  Sickos!  Actually, this might explain why my Humor-Blogs rating has gone up. All those disappointed perverts looking for weird sex probably went over there after seeing there was nothing to their liking here.
Anyway, now that all those people are at Humor-Blogs, I think everybody else deserves some help with what they're looking for:
"Is there anything wrong with getting braces at 17?"  No, absolutely not. Just remember not to do this.
"To buy or not thermomix"  That is the question. If you have some cash to spare and hate cooking, go for it. Handy little thing, really.
"Minka tube"  I really don't want to know what this person was looking for. Could it be "Does Minka fit into a tube?" In that case, it depends on the size of the tube. Although why she would want to do that is beyond me.
"Pamplona blogs"  Yes, you're in the right place, this blog is a Pamplona blog. Now, make yourself at home. No bulls here, but you may find some bullshit.
"Lolcatz generator"  I know nothing about that. I have a cat, and sometimes she makes me laugh, but that's about it.
"I had sex with a animal" Eeeew. Go away!
"Funny plumbing stories"  I have exactly one of those. Here it is.
"Dirty joke, where the punch line is welcome to jamica, mon, have a nice day! There's always at least one person looking for this. Just what is it about Jamaica?
"skirt-over-pants outfit and skirt-over-pants pictures"  Go ahead, wear it. Do you really need me to tell you if it's okay? If you want to look like an Eighties flashback, be my guest.
"3 second tent quechua" Yes, it really does open in 30 seconds. Don't believe me? Check this out.


  1. You're also the only source on the web for fork stucking. Good work.

    This is, by far, my most popular photo and blog post. It's just the nature of the internet.

  2. I'm laughing because I got a nice little spike when I titled a post "Nude UNO". Maybe I should put "nude" in every post...hmmm...

  3. Darn, where's all the animal sex? Ha ha ha. Hey, they took away the video about braces. Apparently is was too objectionable for YouTube. You're just stirring up controversy right and left!

  4. erik: Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Thanks for making me the number one resource for fork stucking. That photo of yours is definitely worth a visit. Why aren't you on Humor-Blogs? :)

    alice: That would probably work, but are those the people you want to visit your blog? I know the animal sex crowd is not what I'm looking for. :)

    ve: I knew it. I knew you were one of them. ;)
    Fixed the link so it goes to another site with the same video. Enjoy the controversy!

  5. Man. You're stuff is seriously clean compared to my key words.


    You don't want to know what perverts make it to my blog.

    Although really, it's my fault for being such a disgusting minded person.

  6. Oh yeah, I'm so coming for animal sex in Spain! Here is a new title for your blog BTW :D

  7. i am ever so glad you kept your eyebrows. i'd hate to see your mona lisa impersonation.

    and i shudder to think about some of the searches that may bring folks to my site.

  8. I must say that there is something for everyone here on "The Rain in Spain." :)

    What happened to your eyebrows...?

  9. I like the "I had sex with a animal" search. Is this person looking for a support group or just putting it out there for google to solve?

  10. That was hilarious. I love how some people are critics and only want "wild" animal sex, while others of us take it where we can get it and will settle for animal sex or animalsex.

  11. I didn't realize it rained so much in Pamplona. My mind idealized it as dusty, with narrow streets and lots of bars. But since you are married to jesus (I'm sure you have heard this a thousand times, forgive me) you can always walk on water. But but but... the question is, can you make water walk on you?

    In case you are wondering how I came to visit, it wasn't the animal sex. It was from Zhu's blog. You posted something, with a photo of what looked like a gag over your mouth. Well, over your nose, but it was enough to make me curious.

  12. you're not an authority on animal sex?!? then what am i doing here!?!


  13. mike: I am running over to check your blog right now. How dirty is my mind. ;)

    zhu: I knew that had to be the reason you were here. Not quite ready to make that leap yet. ;)

    lime: Yeah, I'm not too into the Mona Lisa look either. So, just what does take people to your blog?

    g: That's me, The Something for Everyone Girl (within reason, of course). ;)

    johnada: Dunno. Maybe it's someone who wants to brag about it. Why anyone would do that is beyond me, but there's all kinds of strange people out there.

    what's a donzer: I guess it's like coffee, there's all sorts of different ways to have it. ;)

    seraphine: If you came from Zhu's blog you're welcome here anytime. Pamplona is pretty rainy compared to the Middle and South of Spain, but it's not so bad (I just like to complain). Haven't quite gotten the hang of walking on water yet, but water runs over me quite well, especially in the shower. That's a fan over my mouth, which people use a lot down South. Up here with all the rain, not so much. :)

    minijon: Um, you're here to learn about fork stucking? ;)

  14. A fan!
    Of course,
    I see it now.