Friday, April 11, 2008


I know that posting on Friday is a futile thing and that by doing so, I am sending this post out into that blogger wasteland, otherwise known as the weekend. But it's my blog and my post, so I'm going to do it anyway, see if I don't.
The past week has been intense for reasons that I will blog about on another day, when there is actually someone around to read about it, but for today I'll just stick to the more trivial aspects of life.
I was glad some things we had going on were over, but sad to see Marie go back to France. What an amazing kid! I don't think I've ever met a 13-year-old as polite and mature as she is. She was pleased with everything we gave her, helpful, and before leaving she neatly folded her sheets and towels and swept the floor of Catgirl's room. I can't recall Catgirl ever sweeping anything voluntarily. When Catgirl sweeps, it's upon pain of DS deprivation, and it's always accompanied by whining about how unfair life is and how her sisters never have to help around the house. Unfortunately, a week isn't long enough for any of Marie's maturity to rub off on Catgirl. I can only hope that when she goes to France she'll be a little more helpful than she is here at home. Hmmm, maybe we could organize a trade for a while....
Anyway, before she left, the two of them went shopping and Marie gave Catgirl this shirt from Kukuxumusu as a parting gift.

At first I thought "What a cute turtle!" but when I took a closer look I saw what the picture really was of.

Well, what would you expect from a store where the bags have a picture of a dancing bull with huge testicles?
I asked Catgirl if she realized what was on her shirt, and she said, "A turtle." Blessed innocence. She may be looking up interesting stuff on internet, but some stuff, Whoosh! Right over her head.
Sigh. Now my blog will definitely be getting more hits for "animal sex" than ever. But those of you who are not looking for that, and who leave me comments, will be rewarded. I found a widget that displays the 10 most frequent commenters, so get out there and leave your non-animal-sex-related comments today! And tomorrow, and the next...well, just leave me comments.


  1. Awesome! Now I have to buy my sister a turtle shirt.

  2. The turtle and the veggie burger could be related. They look so alike, the shirt feels slightly incestuous. No wonder you have such a loyal following among animalists.
    Orange you cute.

  3. That is so awesome. My shirt featuring a dancing bull has much tinier testicles, so I am so glad you have shown me where to find a shirt with bigger ones. Thank you!

  4. Youngest, to her intense delight, just got a Kukuxumusu knapsack for school. The bag on the bag has a peace sign on it!

  5. See - you've got comments!

    Blessed innocents is right. You just know the animal sex crowd is going to be all over this post!

  6. That's hysterical. I think.

    So did you end up explaining the shirt to her. More importantly, what are you going to do with it?

  7. LOL, that tshirt is quite something. shoudl also ratchet up your search hits for "sandwich sex"

  8. Hi Thersa,
    First, it's nice that you had a seemingly model houseguest. She sounds sweet. If I may permit, from where in France did she come ?

    Yeah; kids have their tastes ! I have never seem these designs before, and now I can't forget them !

    Have a nice Sunday.

  9. alice: They also have versions featuring other animals, so if your sister's not into turtles...

    serafine: Yeah, the animalists are having a field day with my blog these days. I guess I'll have to start looking for some less obscene topics, like regular sex.

    what's a donzer: Always glad to help people with their testicles (bull's testicles, that is). ;)

    orneta: A peace sign is something else. I could totally make my "peace" with a peace sign. :)

    g: Well, at least so far I don't have any obscene comments, so I'm happy. But I am kind of scared to check my stats. :)

    jeff: Yeah, I explained it to her. And one thing is for sure, she won't be wearing it to school. Somehow, I don't think it would go over too well at a Catholic school.

    lime: That's a new one. I'll just go check my stats to see how many hits I get for "sandwich sex" and get back to you. :)

    barbara: She was very sweet and we'll be very glad to have her over again next year. She's from a town near Nantes. You have a great weekend too. :)

  10. We could try a whole new
    other perversion like
    tossing skittles at each other
    and laughing, saving the red skittles
    for the one special moment.

  11. seraphine: Funny, we used to do that with green M&Ms back in high school.