Saturday, April 5, 2008

The French Are Coming!

Well, actually, the French are already here. We picked up Marie, our exchange student, this afternoon, eager to see how she and Catgirl would hit it off. Kind of iffy to start with, they just eyed each other. We decided to take a walk around town to see if that might help them break the ice. Nothing. Catgirl has suddenly become especially chummy with Ro, and doesn't say much to Marie.

I don't get it. When I was 12 we had a Japanese girl come to stay with us. She knew about as much English as I did Japanese but we managed to comunicate pretty well. I remember getting a big kick out of looking up words in a little Japanese-English dictionary and pointing, because let's face it, I had less chance of pronouncing them correctly than I would of hitting a bullseye while playing darts blindfolded and with my hands tied behind my back. But comunicate we did, and somehow it didn't seem hard at all.

But now we're home from our walk and, miracle of miracles, the four of them discovered the universal language, the Nintendo DS. If only they had had those back in ancient Babylon, the world might not be such a complicated place.


  1. They probably did, but the Babylonians kept winning and finally the Macedonians got pissed and destroyed the city...

  2. Well, Nintendo DS is Nintendo DS in French. Must be why.

  3. ve: Yeah, that must be it.

    zhu: Could be, but it beats me how they explain all the complicated instructions to each other.

  4. and a beautiful language it is ;)