Sunday, April 13, 2008

Do You Know Where Your Trojans Are?

I found a Trojan on my computer the other day, and I'm not talking about this kind of Trojan:

I'm talking about a mean and nasty bug that kept hiding all my programs and made my computer run like it had been dipped in molasses. Anyway, figuring out what was going on, running the virus scan (which is supposed to run all by itself but obviously didn't), and getting rid of the thing, took me most of the weekend. And I'm still not sure it's gone, since all these little ads for Trojan condoms keep popping up everywhere I go. Or maybe that's just my computer trying to tell me something. Hey, I swear I haven't been engaging in any unsafe surfing. Really, I swear.
Apart from that little glitch in my otherwise blissful Internet existence, I've been spending my time writing about Victoria Beckham's butt and answering the questions to Zhu's latest ad contest. Last month I won an ad spot on her blog, Correr es mi Destino, so I figured why not give it another try. Besides, let's face it, after being attacked by a wild and ruthless Trojan, I needed to have some fun. And what could be more fun than answering some very tricky trivia questions about Canada, except maybe the sort of activities that involve Trojans (the non-virtual kind)? The contest is still on until the 21st, so if you want to see your pretty face up on Zhu's blog, get on over there and give it your best shot.
But before you do, remember to practice safe surfing: And if you don't, well, don't come crying to me....


  1. I appreciated the link to Mr. Beckham in his underwear. ; ) *hubba hubba*
    Posh's underarm "thing"...not so much.

  2. What a pain in the ass. Real ass, unlike Posh the poser.

  3. Eww, now I'm nervous. I'm not going to pick up anything nasty by commenting here am I? Just in case, I squirted some Purell on my screen.

  4. Animale sex posts, Victoria Beckham butt posts, Trojan condom posts. Three sure signs of spring!

  5. i had a trojan a few months ago and it was a mess to root it all out. i don't know what i would have done without my friends who know more about this than i do. a couple of them walked me through things step by step over the phone.

  6. Victoria Posh and me in the same post. Wow. I didn't know that could be done!


  7. I can't believe you were able to get the thing off your computer.

    You are a computerguru.

    *bows down*

  8. alice: Just a little prize for those who visit me at Scrivel.

    what's a donzer: Totally, but it's fixed now, I think (unlike Posh's real butt).

    jeff: Don't say I didn't warn you. Get one of those browser condoms - pronto! ;)

    ve: Not sure those are the best ways to celebrate spring, but those things get more traffic than cute bunnies and flowers.

    lime: It is a pain, but I'm lucky to have a really good virus program that also is pretty effective at getting rid of Trojans. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't even have been able to get this post up at all.

    zhu: For the record, you are ever so much more interesting than Victoria Beckham and her fake butt. She should be happy to be on the same page as you. :)

    jocelyn: No, I'm just the owner of a really good virus program. But then again, go ahead, call me computerguru, I like that. :)

  9. Sweet tasty molasses dipped computers. Delish.

  10. All prophylactics aside, you have been tagged with a hideous and possibly permanently scarring meme.