Wednesday, April 2, 2008

39 years ago...

39 years ago today, I made my debut into the world.
As far as I recall it was an uneventful moment, but I'm sure my mom would disagree since she was the one doing all the work. I was very nearly born on April Fools Day, but she bravely held me in until 45 minutes into April 2nd, which I have to thank her for since nobody likes being a fool.
On the other hand, maybe I should have been born on April 1st because there's nothing I love more than a good joke, except maybe some rich dark chocolate....Mmmm...What? Huh? Now where was I?
Oh yeah, 39 years ago I popped into the world, and judging from this picture I was pretty perplexed about the whole thing. And to continue on with that same tradition, the world still has me perplexed to this very day, but I must say that for all it's strangeness, it's a pretty good place to be...

...except right now, since I'm about to get on a bus for a little visit to the gynecologist. What could be a better way to celebrate getting older than having someone poking around in your girly bits?


  1. Happy birthday! I was March 11. You were better looking than me from day one.

    May this year bring an end to your, um perplexion.

  2. Uneventful????????? No way!!!!! You were the most adorable baby I had ever seen of course. I can't believe you're 39 already. Happy Birthday daughter! I'll try to call you tonight ,but I'm in Utrecht today so I don't know what is going to happen yet. At least you know I'm thinking about you today. love, Mem

  3. Feliz cumpleaños, Theresa!

    Que cumples muchos más.

  4. happy birthday!

    if the doc is decent at all he will warm the speculum for your birthday. you should really draw the line at his use of party favors though.

  5. happy birthday!

    sorry about the gyno. i did mine last month.

  6. Well then, have a very happy birthday!

    As much as you can seeing as what you have planned that is ;-)

  7. Happy Birthday, Tante Theresa!

    Joseph & Tsjomme

  8. Happy Birthday! Does April 2nd make you a legitimate no fool or just a late fool? I should have been born on that day too but took a wrong turn and didn't find my way back until July...

  9. Felicidades! You sure did look a bit perplexed, but very adorable...

  10. Happy Birthday!!!!

    That has to be one of the best newborn photos ever. You had a lot of personality for someone only a few hours old.

    And hey...the world's a pretty good place to be with you in it. So, thanks for being born. :-) We'll try not to confuse you too much.

  11. frogster: Thanks. And being perplexed isn't so bad, you should try it sometime.

    mem: The trouble is, I don't remember it at all. ;) Thanks for the birthday wishes and for bringing me into this world.

    erik: Gracias. Eso espero.

    lime: When I walked in there were three four women. I guess one was the doctor, one the nurse, and the other two were probably students. I've never had my girly bits be scrutinized by so many people at once. At least they wished me a Happy Birthday.

    leigh: Thanks. At least it's over now. :)

    jeff: Thanks. Aside from that, and the dentist appointment, the rest of the day turned out really well.

    Joseph and Jim: Thanks guys. I got the card and the beautiful cat picture. Loved it. :)

    ve: If it took you that long I'm sure your mom was cursing you all the way. ;)

    pavel: Gracias. *Blush*

    jozet: Thanks. Go ahead confuse me, as long as you make me laugh I don't mind. :)

  12. Happiest of belated birthdays to you then. You are one beautiful baby! Hope you celebrated properly after the gyno.

    Good wishes for a wonderful year.

  13. I suppose it depends on who's doing the poking, how much you like them and what their technique is like LOL

    Hope everythign came out ok and BTW Happy Birthday!

  14. 祝你生日快乐!

    I thought I'd be original...

    You were already laughing as a baby - no wonder you ended up on humor blogs!

  15. Happy, Happy Happy birthday to you.

    Sorry, been watching a lot of PBS lately and singing a lot of kids songs and it has me unnaturally perky.

    Anyhow, just bumped on here to check out your blog and so far so good.

    Feel free to pop in any time.
    I have two mainly about bein' a mom and the other about being a reporter. You're welcome to explore both.

  16. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    I think....