Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Woman at Work

This is one of the most common road signs you can see here in Spain. It seems that there are men "at work" everywhere, and you either have to weave your way through all the obstacles in your path, or take a very long detour.
My blog feels kind of like one of the innumerable public works we have around here, always changing, always under construction. The only difference is that here there aren't three guys watching while one works. It's just little old me all by myself. This is at least the third time I've changed my template in the past year, and I won't promise it'll be the last.
Template hacking is almost as addicting as chocolate, and it doesn't make you fat.
The first time I looked into my blog's code, it could well have been written in Chinese for all I knew. The only programming I had ever done before that was in BASIC. In high school I actually got a computer to print my name in diagonal across the screen, and then I saved my astonishing work...on a cassette tape. So, from that you can deduce just how old I am.
The days of BASIC and cassette tapes are long gone (thank God) and this stuff is slightly more confusing, but I couldn't resist experimenting. And it looks like I managed to do something better than print my name. I'm sure all those programming people, like Diesel, would pobably look at my patched up template and either laugh their heads off, or throw their hands up in horror at how I've slaughtered the code. But I don't care, since I got it to do more or less what I least in Firefox.
So, if you see anything weird, it has nothing to do with whatever you've been smoking and there's probably nothing wrong with your computer. Just blame it on my inexperienced hacking. But do me a favor and leave me a comment if you do see anything that's not quite right, so I can go bug some of my programming friends to help me fix it.


  1. Also over at, no one can hear you scream.

    I...don't know where I was going with that.

  2. Super template change! I thought I clicked on the wrong site there for a second.

  3. you're light years ahead of me as evidenced by my plain jane and super ugly template. lol

  4. mr. fabulous: Oh good, because I scream every time my computer screws something up.

    erik: Nope, you're in the right place. Just don't laugh at my pitiful code patching. ;)

    lime: This is addicting. Once you start making changes, it's hard to stop. Your template is fine, besides you could have the ugliest template on the internet and I would still read your blog. :)

  5. Hah, good one. I get into the code too. I'd try something and then see what it caused the blog to do. I practiced with a second "play" blog before using my real one though. I use a 28 inch monitor (no, I'm not compensating for something) and everything looks great on your blog. One thing I wanted to do with mine was to widen the template. I hated how narrow the template was.

  6. Looks good from here! I gave up hacking my template years ago after I finally got it to do the simple things it does. CSS code doesn't make sense to me so I'm really bad at modifying it. I need to pick up one of those CSS Web Design for Dummies books.

  7. I can't see anything. Is it me? Am I going blind??? Just blue all I see is blue!!!

  8. ve: Tweaking the template is always risky I guess, so I always test first on one of my play blogs. Once it looks okay, I make the switch, but I never know how it'll look on other browsers, and I can't have every browser on my computer. I like how yours ended up, it has a nice spacious, clean look to it.

    jeff: Glad it looks okay on your end. CSS doesn't really mean anything to me either, but by trial and error I got this far.

    rjlight: This is exactly what I was worried about. Which browser do you have?

  9. looks pretty good to me. When it first loads, it's black text on navy blue, so I can't see anything until the white parchment background thing gets loaded a second or so later. Other than that, I like it.

    I may be missing something, but I recall your tagline before as "The Rain in Spain...Stays Mainly in Pamplona". I no longer see the "...Stays Mainly in Pamplona", and I kinda miss that.


  10. I like this iteration!

    And don't let Diesel's reaction get you--he's always throwing up his hands at something...usually with the cops pointing a gun straight at him.

  11. jim: Long time no's good to see you. I tested it on Browsershots, which is a really cool site, and it looks okay in most, but has problems in a few. So, it looks like I'll have to do a little fixing, but not too much. Any tips on how to get the background to load faster? And don't think I forgot about the "...stays mainly in Pamplona". I just have to get around to sticking it in my header image.

    jocelyn: Glad you liked it. Oh, so that's probably why he hasn't been around here lately. ;)

  12. You go girl. Of course, your BASIC training onto cassette sounds advanced to me so that just shows what technotard category I fall into.