Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Finally Jumped Off the Bridge

I finally decided to see what all the fuss about MySpace is about, so I made myself a page. After all, with over 50 million users there's got to be something interesting to it, right? I know, you're thinking "If 50 million people jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?" All I have to say to that is that if 50 million people tried jumping off a bridge, there wouldn't be a bridge to jump off for very long. So you see, this is nothing like jumping off a bridge...this is getting a head start on this thing before Catgirl decides that she absolutely has to join. That's it. This is preventive parenting, got it?
Okay, okay, I'm jumping off the bridge, so sue me.
Say what you will, but it is another way to promote my blog. I like it when people visit, and I like it when they leave comments even better. I'm weird that way.
So, now I have a MySpace page. What next?
Well, the first thing I did was to change that boring layout it comes with. There are literally hundreds of sites with thousands of free layouts, each more horrid than the last. I ended up with a blinding headache after scouring site after site filled with layouts that look like they were made by someone having a bad trip in a Hallmark store. Even the so-called "clean and simple" ones make Austin Powers look like the epitome of good taste. What the hell is wrong with these people? I know MySpace is the teen haven of the modern world, but does that mean the rest of us have to live with garish, tacky layouts that look like some sort of teenage bedroom collage?
I finally got fed up, and pasted on the first template I could find that didn't hurt my eyes, although I wasn't too thrilled that it came from a site that has the word "pimp" in its name. But I was too tired to worry about that, so I quit for the day.
This morning I had my first friend request waiting for me. But's from some 18 year-old guy called Adrian, whose picture proudly displays him sans shirt. Now what could he possibly want with me, a married woman, who's twice his age? I distinctly remember checking the boxes stating that I'm married, have kids, and am only looking for friends, so what's up with this guy? If this were Catgirl's page, I would be seriously worried, but lucky for me she doesn't have one yet.
Well, whatever his motives, I'll check him as a friend for now, since at the moment I only have Tom, who's the default friend they give you when you sign up. I guess they don't want people to feel lonely, so he's a sort of a pity friend.
So, here I am, a proud puzzled new MySpace user. Come visit me and make me your friend, otherwise I'll be left alone with Tom and Adrian, and I don't quite trust either one of them.
There are no people jumping off bridges at Central Snark. Well, there might be, but at least they're funny while they're doing it.
2012 update:  I erased my MySpace page ages ago...because, seriously, who's on MySpace these days?  You can always look for me at The Rain in Spain Facebook page, because that's the place to be.


  1. Myspace is, like, soooo 2007!

    I'd friend you, but logging into myspace makes me feel dirty.

  2. eesh...i can't take myspace. it made my brain hurt the couple of times i went there. i did th4e facebook thing because my daughter WANTED me on her site and friend list....that's enough thanks. lol

  3. I don't like myspace or facebook. I've been poked so many times I have bruises and I have enough sheep already thank you.

  4. o.m.g. totally feel u on the template thing. There's not a lot of thought put into a lot of them... and unfortunately, I don't know how to make them.

  5. Erik: So, tell me what's hot in 2008? I'm always behind, I even end up watching most films at least a year after they come out. MySpace does seem dirtier than Facebook, doesn't it? ;)

    Lime: The layouts and flashing ads do make your brain hurt, but I figured I had to see what the whole thing was about, since it seems like almost everyone is using it these days. I have a Facebook page too, and it seems cleaner than MySpace, at least designwise. But blogs are better and much more fun...long live our blogs! :)

    Jeff: I still don't get the poking thing. It sounds like something kids do at recess and then they run to the teacher shouting "He poked me!"

    Steven: They are horrible, aren't they? I know how to tweak blogger templates, but I have no idea how it works in MySpace, so I'll stick with the one I have for now.

  6. have you checked out Hyves? Alize uses that one and told me about it. Also Jasper and Jelly and Simon's kids use that one I think. Just an idea.

  7. Adrian's intentions? That's easy. Go watch Ms. Robinson.'s true.

    I've never tried myspace or facebook. I'll probably have to educate myself too as my daughter is closing in on this stuff too. Uggh.

  8. I don't know yet. The only "social networking" sites I use are Flickr and Twitter.

    Speaking of page themes, isn't yours, gorgeous as it may be, a little out of season now?

  9. mem: I checked it out, joined, and found Alize. :)

    ve: That's what I guessed, but as long as he's on the other side of the ocean I'm not too worried.

    Better get started or you'll lose control of the situation. ;)

    erik: Yeah, I know. I'm working on a new theme, but haven't got it all fixed up yet. But I am learning a lot about Photoshop. :)

  10. i sent you a friend request.

    p.s. #6 is dodgeball.

  11. well, that is brave of you to get out of your comfort zone and put yourself for all those crazies to see -- friends to see.

  12. I've got some social networking trend data for you. Strangely, it supports my "myspace 2007" statement that I pulled from you-know-where.

  13. I love MySpace for one thing - checking out music and I didn't have to be a member to do that. But now your young friend, Adrian must have a thing for "older women" Mrs. Robinson. And you do look 19 in your picture, hot stuff :)

  14. I have social networking ADD. I join em, get gung-ho about it for like 3.20 seconds and then lose interest and let the accounts just languish there doing nothing.

    Most of the time it's becuase I can't figure it out and learning what to do would just take way too much time.

  15. leigh: Got it, thanks. Never would have guessed.

    rjlight: Yeah, with 50 million people, what do you think the ratio is?

    erik: Looks like you could be the next guru of networking. ;)

    g: That's only because you can't see the rest. ;) But thanks.

    elasticwaistbandlady: I'm thinking the same will happen to me. It all looks like lots of fun, but I'm sure to get bored quickly. At least blogging is never boring. :)

  16. I wish I could be your friend on Myspace but I deleted my account quite a while ago. Just couldn't stand half-naked 16 years old. Gosh, I'm 25 after all!:D

  17. a bit of trivia: "Tom", the default friend, is Tom Anderson, the inventor and president of MySpace.

    concerning CatGirl not yet having a MySpace page: at least she doesn't have that YOU know about.