Monday, March 10, 2008

Hillary Feels Pretty?

Okay, we have a new president here in Spain, who happens to be the same one we've had for the last four years, so nothing new there. So, now Spain's politicians can go back to bickering with each other and getting nothing done. Meanwhile, the rest of us can get back to the U.S. presidential race, which promises to be ever so much more interesting than anything the Spanish politicians do.
And, if you want a humorous take on the whole thing, I suggest you read VE's four part series West Wing Story. It's a musical tragedy, starring John McCain and Hillary Clinton as a couple of star-crossed lovers, trapped in the middle of a political battle. If you want some good clean entertainment for the whole family, photoshopped pictures and all, this is the story you've been looking for. It's a star-filled production, with special appearances by Barack Obama, George Bush, Mike Huckabee, Dick Cheney, John Edwards, and more...but not necessarily in that order. So, don't miss your opportunity to enjoy this fabulous cast, see Hillary sing I feel pretty, and find out what happens when a Democrat and a Republican fall in love. I promise you won't be disappointed.
At Scrivel everyone's singing I feel funny.


  1. Hola esta muy bueno tu blog.
    pasate por el mio:

  2. Why thank you for the shout out. You should go into public relations!

  3. I agree. That VE is one funny guy!

    (smelling that is - haha)

  4. I actually thought of you, my designated Spanish girl, when watching French TV about Spanish elections. Your political life over there looks like ours in France except different parties in power.

    Let's just enjoy US entertainment I'd say :D

  5. Oh, okay! I'll check that out right now...

  6. Oh I need a laugh! I am off to see it now...

  7. pupi: Mucha gracias. El tuyo es interesante. Peligroso, pero interesante.

    ve: You're very welcome and very deserving. :)

    jeff: So you know him that well, eh? ;)

    zhu: Yeah, French and Spanish politics are similar...all you have to do is change the names. :)

    pavel: Hey, good to see you. Enjoy.

    gillian: Trust me, you're guaranteed to laugh.