Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Ro!

Today is Ro's 11th birthday (boy, do I feel old now), and I'm taking a minute to write this while the cake is in the oven. I used to make cakes like this:
But this year it'll have to be an ordinary one with powdered sugar on top, since we are busy, busy, busy. Today just happens to coincide with Catgirl and Princess V's (that's what she decided her blog name should be) rhythmic gymnastics show, so I feel like a chicken running around after it's head has been cut off.
Make cake, wrap presents, get kids hair into little buns that never seem to come out right, lunch, rehearsal...
Catgirl went shopping with Jesús yesterday, and they came home with some silver cake sprinkles, so at least the cake would be a little more special. But I remembered when I was a kid they always told us not to eat those, but on these it didn't say that they were only for decoration. Still, I figured anything that color can't be too healthy, so I looked up the additives, E174 and E171. They turned out to be titanium dioxide and silver...silver! When I looked it up it said, "Long, regular consumption can lead to kidney damage and a blue-grey discoloration of the eyes, nose and nasal septum, throat and skin."
Um, eat something that can give me kidney damage and turn me blue?
No thanks. I've never been a big fan of the Smurfs, and I don't want to end up looking like one. That's all I need to go with my braces, blue skin. And I'm pretty fond of my kidneys, thank you very much. So, much to the kids' dismay, I said those little pearls of poison were going back to the store.
Okay, the cake is finished. Time to get this show on the road.
You'll find additive-free humor at Scrivel.


  1. wow. those would have never made it to the shelves in the US.

    happy birthday to your little one. i have an 11 year old daughter too. i know exactly how you feel.

  2. so i guess blue man group eats a steady diet of those things....eesh

    happy birthday to ro!

  3. Well then, happy birthday Ro!!!

    I have an 11 year old daughter too! Must be going around.

  4. Happy birthday, Ro! My birthday is March 11th. It's good to have another Pisces around. Enjoy your day!

  5. Happy Birthday to Ro. My son is eleven too. That's a fun cake!

  6. I think one or two would be okay, but did you see that blue man on Oprah?? He was blue all over from drinking some silver stuff for medicinal purposes. Ick!

  7. I have been consuming massive amounts of E174 and E171 in hopes of turning my eyes blue. This is intented to make me look a bit more like the Scando's and distract them from my cro magna profile.
    Happy Bday Ro!

  8. Thanks everybody for the birthday wishes. I passed them on, and Ro was very pleased.

    leigh: Maybe not anymore, but when I was a kid they were really common. I hope they'll outlaw them here too.

    lime: I never heard of them, so I Googled them. I think it would take truckloads of silver to get them looking like that.

    jeff: I guess 1998 must have been a "busy" year for a lot of people. ;)

    frogster: Happy belated! What, no party with Tu Pacana Virica at your blog?

    ve: Wow, there are a lot of 11 year-olds around. This year's cake wasn't quite so much fun, but at least it was good.

    wendy: We don't get Oprah over here, but I just found a video of it. That is weird!

    beaverboosh: So, did it work? ;)

  9. Happy belated Bday Ro!!!!!!!!
    My girls are 11 months apart and will be the same age for 1o days this month. Irish twins they call it.
    Theresa, I'm so glad you checked the ingredients and didn't eat those smurf pills. Can you imagine turning blue and blowing up like Varuca Salt? Blah!
    By the way, I truly love your background changing abilities! I'm actually down right spitting, drooling, and seethingly jealous!
    :0) Maybe for my birthday you'll tell me how to do it! :0)))))

  10. zoa: 11 months apart, wow! Never heard of the Irish twin thing, that's funny. I'll tell you how to change your template anytime you like. Just send me an e-mail, but after Easter, okay?

  11. Happy Belated Birthday to Ro! Hope you have time to relax over your Holiday.