Monday, March 31, 2008

Back From the Land of Storks

Well, I'm back from the land of storks and am not looking forward to this week, which promises to be kind of crazy.
And here I thought that after unpacking the suitcases and sending the kids off to school things would be back to normal. Who was I kidding? Ro has been having trouble with one of her teachers, and if we thought things would be better after the holidays, we were way off. My birthday is coming up too, complete with a visit to the dentist and the gynecologist, all on the same day. At least I'm not turning 40 yet; I still have one good year left before my kids say, "My Mom? Oh, she's old. She's already 40." Okay, they probably already think I'm old, but I think I can fool myself into thinking they don't for another year.
Anyway, I'm too busy to worry about that now, because on Saturday a French exchange student will land on our doorstep, and here I am without knowing how to say anything more than "trabouler" and "coquelicot", which I somehow doubt will be of much use. Luckily, Catgirl, who is the one who signed us up for this whole thing, and who will be going off to France herself in May, knows a bit more French than me.
So, once I hunt down the ferocious dust bunnies that have been wildly reproducing in our absence, pay a visit to the dentist, let the gynecologist poke around in the land down under, try to convince Ro that her teacher isn't really the Wicked Witch of the West, figure out where our French mademoiselle will sleep, and catch my breath (while trying not to think about turning 39), I'll be back with some pictures. Actually, the real reason I'm not posting any pictures is not because I'm busy, it's because Blogger is broken again and won't let me, and I am too busy to sit around and wait.
At Central Snark nobody will poke around in your land down under, but they might tickle your funny bone.


  1. You really need to take MORE on.

    Hey, Spanish and French are both romance languages; you'll be amazed at how well y'all understand each other.

    Funny, I do my yearly appts. around bday time, too. You get to add in "mammogram" to next year's list of stuff, you know.


  2. welcome back...

    happy birthday, here's your speculum! just doesn't seem right somehow....

  3. Welcome back. I hate blogger sometimes when it comes to pictures. I find that sometimes I can't post pictures with IE but if I switch to Firefox it works. Don't ask me why...

  4. "Trabouler" is indeed a new word for me! I need to improve my French apparently!

    Don't worry... French are very accommodating. Feed them politics and baguette and voilĂ !