Friday, February 1, 2008

Romeo, Pray for mercy from Puss... In Boots.

Today's Carnival day at school. If Romeo is out looking for Vio, she's more likely to run away from him than to kiss him.

Actually, these days her biggest admirer is her best friend Paula, who has repeatedly declared her intentions to marry Vio. Rocío, who for today has become Puss in Boots (and who will have no mercy on the boys), upon hearing that, called them lesbians.

I overheard the conversation, and asked her if she knew what that meant, to which she replied, "Sure, it's when two girls like each other." I pointed out that she likes her friends and they are girls, so did that make her a lesbian? "Mamá!" She exclaimed, shocked that I would suggest something like that, even though only moments before she had done the same to her sister. "It's only when the girls like to do things together. Like kiss and stuff," she replied. I asked her about the "and stuff" and she said that she knows what men and women do together, but that she isn't quite sure how it works with two women. That left me kind of wordless, since I couldn't have imagined having to explain this stuff to her just yet. When I was ten I didn't even know how regular sex worked, let alone what the possible variations on the subject might be.

So, kids aren't what they used to be, but they still have just as much fun dressing up as I did in my day...gee, now I'm starting to sound like an old fogey. Pretty soon I'll be saying stuff like,"I used to walk ten miles, barefoot, in the snow to get to school (never mind that it was in California), and it was uphill all the way, and coming home it was also uphill..."


  1. i've always been very open in discussing sex and development with my kids. even so they are way more savvy than i was at their age ...i about died when my oldest was 13 and suggested all i needed was a pole and fishnets as i danced around the kitchen....eeeek1

    your girls are ADORABLE in their costumes! that princess...too much!

  2. You better purchase my teen-porta-cams very soon; they're cuties but they're growing up fast! You can tell them while you may not have walked through snow in So. CA you DID have to use a phone with a cord on it, your music wasn't digital and radio stations played darned near EVERYTHING, not just one specific genre.

  3. The girls look great in their costumes and when I see them like that I miss them again! Luckily it will be May in not too long of a time and then I will be there again. Yep Theresa you sound like an old mother already too, we all go thru that!I'm sure I used to say things like that to you too. They grow up fast don't they. I new Rocio knew about lesbians etc, because we had discussed it already too sometime. Well give them a big kiss from Beppe and I will look for their pictures on the school website later.

  4. You're girls are so adorable!!!!!!!
    Scary what kids know these days isn't it?

  5. Wow, your girls are beautiful!

    Man, that is one conversation I'm not ready for! If you ever notice that I haven't updated my blog or visited anyone in months, that's probably because I died of embarrassment in an attempt at having that conversation with my kids...

  6. Your girls are gorgeous, and I hope Puss runs through any dumb boy who tries to give her grief for just being.

  7. lime: A pole and fishnets? That's hilarious! Looks like life is never dull with the Limelets. :)

    ve: Yeah, I'll need to order three. They'll be the first in Spain to wear them, it could be the new rage. ;)

    mem: They are cute, aren't they? I don't know if the pics are up yet, but I'm sure it won't take too long. May is right around the corner, so we'll see you before you know it.

    zoning: Yeah, it is scary, but it looks like we'll just have to deal with it...either that, or lock them up until they're 18. ;)

    pavel: you'll do it just fine when the time comes since you're a great dad.

    jocelyn: Thanks. Puss came home with her sword broken, so it looks like she finished off a few.

  8. They know WAY more than we think they do.

    That is why I am determined to keep an open dialogue with my kids.

    Your kids are adorable!

  9. Your kids are really cute!

    Carnival day? That's sound fun! Is it like Mardi Gras? It doesn't exist here in Canada... although I remember making crêpes in France for that.

  10. I love how all these schools that used to be uphill both ways are now on flat land in better climates.

    = : - )

  11. Which makes it all the more daunting - the snow in California!

    Love the costumes - each shows their personality as you describe them. Funny, we were just talking about homosexuals/lesbians as Tali was taking a poll to see which candidate she'd vote for President and Gay rights was one of the issues. If they don't hear it from us, I don't even want to think of the school bus variations... :)O

  12. If I had a daughter I would simply explain that boys had big, gross cooties that would make boogers come out of her nose in front of all her friends.

  13. kfk: They keep surprising me, but they're open to discussion, and not a bit embarrassed about it.

    zhu: I think it's the same as Mardi Gras. People get dressed up and kind of go wild. It's not really big here, but in Cádiz and the Canary Islands they go crazy.

    minijonb: That's modernization for you. ;)

    g: I remember the schoolbus versions, and I am glad they're getting the full scoop here at home.

    frogster: Great idea, except Spain doesn't have the cootie concept.

  14. Oh, they look so sweet =) I miss Carnival in Spain so much! (I used to live near Barcelona)

  15. yes, i have caught myself quite often while starting a sentence with " When i was young we used to..." and then I stop, grinning. I hated hearing that sentence when I was young... :)