Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rolling Stoned's James Bond Review

Well, here it is folks,the long-awaited review of The James Bond Dossier's first album Home Before The Police.

Rolling Stoned - 2/19/08
This group came about when a friend of Pierce Brosnan asked, "Now that you're not James Bond anymore, what are you going to do, start a band?" Pierce, who has always secretly harbored the dream of being a musician, said, "Bloody hell, why not!" And so this eclectic group was born.
Pierce let down his hair and shed his clean-cut, lethal Bond image in favor of a more laid-back look. He did, however, keep the link to Bond by way of the group's name, and all the songs have a some sort of Bond reference in them as well.
It's hard to classify the group's music into any of the typical music genres, so we'll just settle for calling it alternative heavy jazz-rock,with a little punk-opera thrown in for good measure. WTF? When asked about this strange combination of sounds, Brosnan replied, "Carrying the baggage that I do of Remington Steele,Thomas Crown, and Bond, I think this was a wonderful way of deconstructing all of that, playing with it and turning it on its ear." And turn the music world on its ear he has, and the result is unique, just like James Bond himself, who is unmistakable.
Here are just a few selected tracks from this remarkable endeavor to give you a flavor of The James Bond Dossier's piquant style:
1. Keep the British End Up
2. Cunning Linguist
3. She's My Right-Hand Woman (a tribute to Moneypenny's hidden talents)
4. Licence to Shag
5. Man With a Golden...Gun
6. Central Snark. Shaken, not stirred
We foresee a brilliant future for Brosnan's newfound talent, and wonder where his bond with Bond will take him next.


  1. oh! this is sooo up my alley...

    i dig the song titles.


  2. Brosnan as a musician? I'm shaken, not stirred....

  3. I can't believe he didn't do this years before. He looks so good in that hair.

  4. I once bowled against a team of lesbians who named their team the Cunning Linguists...now they are a song.

    small world

  5. Isn't License to Shag a cover of M. Austin Power?

    Nevermind, love the soundtrack! :D

  6. theresa, have i ever mentioned how brilliantly funny you are? brilliant i say....

  7. minijon: I thought you might like it.

    ve and g: Shocking, isn't it?

    dorky dad: You find it sexy, eh? ;)

    daniel: I wonder what Bond would think of that bowling team. ;)

    zhu: Oh, I thought that was "The Spy who shagged Me" or something like that. Anyway, it does sound more Austin Powers than James Bond, doesn't it? :)

    lime: Mention away. Flattery will get you everywhere. ;)