Thursday, February 7, 2008

I've gone Scriveling

I was going to do a post on what's been keeping me from getting much blogging done lately, but I just found out that my first story is up on Scrivel, so it'll have to wait. Well, writing that story was one of the things keeping me busy lately, so technically this post does count as a post about why I'm not around so much. And why, you may ask, am I writing in two places at once if I'm so busy? Maybe I'm a martyr, or no, wait, I might just be...Mother Theresa! Out to help those in need of humor. Anyway, go check it's a fun place with some great writers, and I'll be back here tomorrow with something more interesting.


  1. i think i may need to start that mailbox tradition on this side of the atlantic too!

  2. lime: Go ahead and give it a try. Maybe you'll have more luck than I'm having so far. ;)