Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm sassy and I didn't even know it

Lime has seen fit to award me with the Sassy Mama Award, which came as quite a surprise since I've been called lots of things before, but sassy has never been one of them. I looked up the definition, just for the heck of it...okay, I really did it to put off my ironing just a bit longer. This is what I found:

sas·sy, adj
1. Rude and disrespectful; impudent.
2. Lively and spirited; jaunty.
3. Stylish; chic: a sassy little hat.

I'll take it that sassy in this case refers to number two, although I wouldn't mind having number three associated with me either. In any case, on occasion, maybe a little more of the first definition might be in order, since there are some people that niceness just doesn't work for. My blogger me is much better at that than my 3D me, who sometimes is overly nice...I'm starting to feel a bit like Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde here.

If you go to the Urban Dictionary it gets much more complicated, with definitions such as:
-possessing the attitude of someone endowed with an ungodly amount of cool. (okay by me)
-An angry black woman. (um, I don't think so)
-a rude and disrespectful person (I hope not)
-Lively and spirited, stylish or chic (I can live with that)
-what you call a homosexual male who gives you attitude (Not the last time I looked)
-Fun, daring, sexy, multifaceted, someone you have to have! (sorry, I'm taken)

Whatever the meaning, I guess I should pass the torch on to some other sassy mamas out there. First, there's my favorite redhead, Catherine, who is just about as sassy as they get. Orneta is another pretty sassy lady that leaps to mind. Then there's April, from Zoning Out Again, who has been too busy to blog lately, but hopefully she'll be back to sass us all around again soon. And finally (but no less deserving) this award should go to G, who is simply and delightfully sassy.


  1. I'd like a sassy hat, too. All I have is a collection of baseball hats and knit hats. I wonder what would look sassy on me?

  2. i can assure you i meant it in the zesty, cool and stylish ways only...never in a negative way. though i do love the way you handle spaniards who think they can pull a fast one on you. that takes sass ;)

  3. yep, I can imagine you to be quite sassy, in a "get your sweet little behinds down here for dinner this instant"-kinda way.

    No, I kid. I don't have any kids but I have been called sassy and I like it. Although I completely reject definition one!

  4. So are you saying you're not a homosexual male? Oh well. Congrats on the award!

  5. Hey I like the new 'about me' photo. But stop staring at me already!

  6. I totally think of you as sassy.

    And saucy.

    'Cause I change letters like that.


  7. I like definition 2 and 3 best :$

  8. orneta: Yes, you are! Enjoy. :)

    frogster: A pith helmet?

    lime: Oh I know, I was just being sassy.

    minka: Yeah, I think all us sassy girls should get together and have definition one removed from the dictionary. ;)

    dorky dad: Last time I checked I wasn't, so yeah, I guess that's what I'm saying.

    ve: Don't worry, I'll just look, but not touch. ;)

    jocelyn: I know you never mince your words, you word minx, you. ;)

    zhu: Which dictionary are you talking about, regular or urban (almost sounds like coffee)? It makes all the difference! ;)

  9. Ooh, a pith helmet. Niiiiice. I'll work on that.

  10. I'll tell you what's sassy - that new avatar of yours! You're as sweet as you're sassy. I'll do my best to snap out of it and be a little more sassy and maybe even pass on the props.

    Thanks, and many thanks for your kind offer on my Lame-O template. When I get my act together, I just may have some questions. XOX