Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm Not an Internetless Wonder Anymore

I'm back! My husband has saved me from being an internetless wonder. The computer is up and running, but we weren't able to install our backup image, so now I have to start from scratch and reinstall all the programs we had before (or rather, Jesús has to do it). There's a lot to do, but at least Windows is working and I have contact with the 2D world...
Anyway, now I can post the answer to the What's That Doing in My Kitchen? post. If you haven't guessed yet, it's a ham, and not just any ham. This is a real Iberian cured ham, that used to belong to an unsuspecting acorn-eating pig. Here's what it looks like once it's been sliced, and it's too bad that I can't post the flavor, because it is fabulous. Needless to say, the ham has lost quite a bit of weight since this picture was might say we really pigged out.
And while we're on the subject of food, if the saying "you are what you eat" is true, then how come I don't notice any difference after eating this?
Then again, maybe it's better that way, because after eating the ham I sure wouldn't want to end up with pigs' legs.


  1. We bought one of those cheeses back from Galicia a couple years ago. It didn't fit well in the fridge, so we thought we'd leave it out on the balcony on the concrete window sill in the cold April weather. There's now a permanent circular grease stain on that sill.

  2. HEY Theresa,
    Yeh I missed you too, thats better that your PC s working agian, I was thinking that the top photo could be (the begin of making) a wooden Dutch shoe, the second/bottom a 'type of cheese' with wax around it, could be made everywhere... You must like your kitchen...

    Greetings from JoAnn (Holland)
    Watch my friday's ABSTRACT sky

    Have a wonderfull week end:)

  3. Cheese, right?

    I love Spanish (and French) ham. I keep on eating it since I'm in France. I don't like it in North America: too much fat, too thick etc.

  4. Hi Theresa.....Just dropping in to see how you're doing. And I see you are doing great! You seem to have added a lot. Your new picture is wonderful.

    Ham and cheese....reminds me of all the kitchen gadgets you have and those funny blogs. Hubby came in today with a new one I know you'd love. It's a food sealer. It sucks out the air (which I previously did with a straw) and firmly seals food in resealable plastic bags. It's a handy toy because we have lots of left-overs and I don't trust the fridge to keep food fresh for longer than three/four days. Our green box (for recyclable edibles) is often fuller than our fridge because I toss out a lot. We might not waste as much now. I learned early on that Hubby will eat anything from the fridge, as long as he can scrape the green fuzz off of it. This gadget might help me save him from a case of food poisoning.

    And I do believe that we are what we stay away from cheese with THAT shape or pears. Hubby likes desserts and he's a sweetheart, so it must be true.

    Hugs and happy thoughts.....Jude

  5. I've always thought that if we are what we eat, and then we self-cannibalize, we could say, "I haven't changed a bit."

    Which, you know, almost makes sense.

  6. Whew...I was worried that Bam Bam was going to be pissed that you had his club...welcome back.

  7. erik: At our house it doesn't last long enough to leave a stain. :)

    joann: Yes, it's cheese. This kind is from Galicia and it's called "queso de tetilla" (boobie cheese).

    zhu: Cheese it is. And I'm with you on the ham thing.

    j.d.: Great to see you around! I hope you'll come to visit more often...I miss your blog. I'll only eat a little of the cheese, since I wouldn't mind to be a little more well-endowed. ;)

    jocelyn: But wouldn't it be an even better idea to cannibalize a top model?

    ve: Bam Bam is safe for now. :)