Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Help! My Computer's Been Abducted by Aliens

I'm sitting in the public library, ruing the day we decided to reinstall the system on our home computer.
My husband does this every once in a while when the computer starts getting slow...usually when the swear word level during use gets to about every three words (I guess he doesn't want me to teach the kids that kind of stuff). This time for some reason the re-installation process crashed, and now we're getting a white screen that says it can't read the disk. Jesús has been battling heroically with it for the past three days, and I keep hearing lots of obscene things about Acer (some of which I had no idea would even be possible to do with a computer). He swears this will be the last Acer he ever gets, because they are a piece of unmentionable sewage material. 
My theory is that while we weren't looking, aliens came and took the computer's brain for research. Anyway, I haven't got a clue to when or if it will every be recovered and in the meantime I'm stuck here using the slowest computer in Pamplona to put up this miserable post.


  1. I'll be joining you in a library in NYC. Our system is slowing down too. Isn't this supposed to be easy?

    Good luck!

  2. I did that recently too. Fortunately it worked. Unfortunately I forgot to back up my itune purchased songs. Fortunately I've illegally downloaded 4000 songs but only purchased 3. Watch out for the librarians...they're all aliens.

  3. Ouch, I fell for you. Have you tried to talk to it nicely? Works with my computer!

  4. OH god! ACER!!!!
    My ACER 19 inch monitor fried after only living for nine months.
    How crappy is that?
    I am using an old monitor the size of a 1965 television screen for pete's sakes!
    Other than that, hope you are well!
    I started from the bottom of my alphabetical link list today...was tired of never making it to the "T's".

  5. OOH! Maybe you can get a new one now! That's always exciting. I'm considering whether to "accidentally" drop my laptop.

  6. reinstalling the system that often can't be safe!

    just delete old programs and used stuff.. and defragment your disk.. and do some other stuff..

    i would get a new computer if i were you!

    (friend of Zhu)

  7. erik: We had a Mac once but at the university they use PCs, so we switched. :(

    g: It's supposed to be easy, but it never is, is it? I hope the NYC library has faster computers than our library.

    ve: As long as you saved the illegal ones. Those are the most satisfying ones anyway. ;)

    zhu: I tried talking to it nicely, and I explained that if it didn't behave, we would reinstall its system, but it didn't listen. ;)

    gillian: Acer is a pain, according to my husband. We've had this one for a couple of years and installing stuff is a hassle, but at least it usually ends up working.

    dorky dad: I wouldn't mind, but we can't afford it at the moment. If your company buys you a new one, drop away. ;)

    jay cam: Hi and welcome! Tell me about it. The thing is, my husband's done this quite a few times and he's never had any problems until now. Guess there's a first time for everything. If I could afford it, I would get a new one, but for now we'll have to try to fix it.