Saturday, February 16, 2008

Get Some Northern Exposure

Is your blog tired, rundown, listless? Does it poop out at parties? The answers to all your problems are in one little word: Exposure.
Now, how can you get some exposure, short of dropping your pants and posting a picture for the world to see? What you need is some northern exposure, via Zhu's blog, Correr Es Mi Destino. This fascinating French woman, who's living and blogging in Canada, is offering free ad space on her blog. What do you have to do? Simple. Just do a little striptease and send it to her...Just kidding! No nudity is required. All you have to do is to be one of the three bloggers with the most correct answers to the trivia questions she's posted. So, if you think you know something about toilets in Australia, chicken buses, and what French people eat for breakfast, you're the perfect candidate. You have until February 20th, so what are you waiting for? Oh, you're not expecting me to do a striptease, are you?


  1. You have officially been hired as my new marketing specialist! (I fired the last one, he wanted me to promote my blog by sending snow to new subscribers)

    Love the post... and it's one correct answer!

    I moderate one of your series of answer (guess which one! :D ) to keep the answers secret till the 20th. See you then!

    And I saw you won at Diesel... congrats!

  2. zhu: Your blog is great and deserves the publicity, plus I think your contest idea was terrific. Hopefully, you won't be getting too many striptease videos, unless they're from some really cute guys. I can't wait to see what the real answers are, although some of the made up ones are hilarious. :)

  3. You are totally a marketing specialist! You make me want to go over there and get trivial.

    Speaking of hawking new ventures, have you seen the Clay Pigeon magazine Diesel's spearheaded (some of us got to help out, too)? I have a link to it on my sidebar...and I'm sure Diesel's got a big promo going on, too. Check it out, bambina!

  4. jocelyn: I checked it out and it's great! I've got a link up and I'll be waiting to see what you guys come up with next week. :)

    diesel: Yeah, it worked. I will pay homage to the god of hyphenation from now on. ;)

  5. I just gave that a try. Some of the answers were hilarious!

    You heading down to Valencia for the Fallas festival? Boy how I wish I was going again this year!

  6. kfk: No, we never go to the Fallas. In fact we try to stay away from all those big festival-type things. When San Fermin rolls around, we usually go on vacation. :)