Tuesday, February 5, 2008

And the winner is... Bond...James Bond

Well, the results of the Pamplonavision Band Contest are finally in and the winner is....

.......The James Bond Dossier!

Well, what did you expect? James Bond always wins.

Since my 3D life is quite busy these days, I'll be back soon with the review of this most unusual group. In the meantime, rock on at Central Snark!


  1. love those socks, i gotta say!

  2. That was a hard one to beat!

    Hey, what happened to Quill Driving? The entire blog is gone.

  3. 3D live? What 3D life? I can't see 3D, please, don't do that to me! :D

  4. Dang! I can't download it on iTunes yet!

    What gives?

  5. Lime: I like them too, now if I just knew where to buy some. :)

    ve: I guess the result was obvious from the beginning. What? It's gone? I was just hanging around until Cindra got back, but maybe she decided to stop altogether.

    zhu: Sure, if you kind of cross your eyes and wait long enough, you'll see it, just like with those 3D posters. ;)

    Jozet: I'm working on it, but since 3D is keeping me busy, the 2D fictitious band will just have to take a backseat. ;)

  6. When I did this meme, I ended up with the lamest thing ever. It didn't even make any sense. I don't remember it, but the picture was of a swan. Woohoo!

  7. Good choice, it was my favourite.

    Love teh color combinations, teh title and everythign about it :)

  8. I knew James Bond would win! Yay!
    How ya doin?

  9. Diesel: My first one was lame too, so I did it a few more times and got these.

    Minka: Yeah, looks like the best band won.

    Gillian: Me? busy, but still around. James had to win, he always does. :)

  10. There were no losers in that contest--they all were sooooo good.