Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Look What the Stork Brought

I have something new to keep my mind off my bureaucratic hassles and my braces, which just happen to feel like I have a giant paper clip jammed on the inside of my teeth and barbed wire on the outside.
But for now I have been made a proud aunt once again, and that makes me so happy that I've forgotten all my other woes. Looks like the stork finally got his act together and paid my sister Michelle a long awaited visit, and he left her a bouncing baby boy. Here's Tommy with his mum and older brother Joseph, who is really as sweet as he looks.

Now it looks like a shopping trip is in order to find something special for both of my adorable nephews.


  1. awww, congratulations to one and all!

    and here's hoping the barbed wire feeling goes away soon.

  2. The kid and baby are very very cute. I keep on forgetting how small and tiny cute babies are... I haven't seen really young ones in a while, just toddlers ;)

  3. Wow congratulations, Theresa. You have good reason to be mighty proud.

    I am the proud aunt of 4 nieces and one nephew. It is a blessing.

  4. Congrats to mom and Aunt T! Welcome back to the interweb thingy!

    Do they still give you wax or something to put on your braces? What about a big mouthguard like boxers wear? Or maybe you could just use paper clips and clip your lips wide open so they don't rub on your teeth.