Thursday, January 31, 2008

Am I Blind or What?

This morning, as I was getting ready to take the kids to school, the doorbell rang. "Who can that be?" I thought to myself, since we never have visitors in the morning and it was too early for the mail. Vio answered and came back to tell me that it was some guys who said they had come to fix the blinds. Our blinds all work fine and I figured they were probably here for the neighbors, whose blinds have been askew since before Christmas.

The neighbor just happens to be the architect that designed our row of houses, so I was really glad to see his blind was all screwed up. Those stupid things have given us trouble since the beginning, and it all seems to be due to some design problem. In fact, our house is teeming with design problems. But the guy is a pompous ass who won't admit that he made a few mistakes and he's always blaming everything on other people. So, I must admit that I didn't feel guilty for being just a little pleased to see he was having problems too.

So, I opened the window and called down to them, telling them there was some sort of mistake. But the guy said, "No, we have an order for your house and the neighbor's house." I was perplexed, and I told him we hadn't called and the blinds were fine. Seemed weird, but I didn't give it a second thought as I finished getting dressed.

A few minutes later the doorbell rang again. Vio came running into the room saying the guys were back. I was getting a little annoyed since I was in a hurry and I already told them we didn't need them. Again I looked out the window, and the guy showed me a paper and said, "Look, it's right here on the order. You called us to fix the blinds." Then it dawned on me. "When's that order from?" I asked. "September 9th," the guy had the gall to reply. That explained it. One of our blinds broke in September and we called the company who had installed them to come fix it. "Okay, we'll send someone, but it might take a while..."

Weeks passed, and since no one ever appeared, my husband decided to have a look to see what the problem was. A few trips to the hardware store later, the blind was fixed and we'd forgotten all about it. Five months! It's taken the company five months to send someone over, and they didn't even call to see if we'd be home. They probably would never even have shown up if the neighbors didn't have a problem...after all, coming all the way out here (which takes all of five minutes, ten tops) isn't worth it just for one job. Of course, when they come to install the damn things they come over so fast it makes your head spin. This is the kind of thing that gives Spain a bad name. Most things work really well in this part of the country, and usually when we call to have something fixed someone is sent over right away. It just boggles my mind that a company can be so nonchalant about its customers...their loss, I guess. Or maybe not, since they earn the bulk of their income with installation, not repairs.


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