Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Let Me Take You Quill Driving

A new Quill Driving Competition is here, so instead of posting, I have been writing some rubbish with the 18 words set out by Cindra...but, hey, last time around my rubbish helped me win, so who's complaining?  This this time around, though, my writing is suffering because we have three holidays in one week, and the kids have no school.

Now, whose bright idea was it to do this just before Christmas?

In a couple of weeks' time they get two more weeks off, so couldn't they have spaced it out a little? No, let's give the kids a whole week off when the weather stinks, and the Christmas holidays are just around the corner...what a great idea! They have nothing to do, and can't go outside, so they invent things (which you should never let kids do, unless you're prepared for some damage). If it's dirty and messy, trust me, they'll think of it. Our house looks like a hurricane has hit it, and the kids are so wired that if I touch them, I risk being electrocuted.

But so far it hasn't happened and the house is still standing, so while I'm busy tying my kids down writing, I encourage you to come join me in the Quill Driving and try for the prize, yes, I said prize. Cindra gives out real prizes twice a month to the winning Quill Driver, so you've got nothing to lose, and something quite nice to win. But if that task seems too daunting, just check out the other Quill Drivers, they're quite an interesting bunch (they're all listed over at the Competition). After that go to Central Snark, where you'll find stuff even wilder than your kids, and you'll be helping me move up on the list (which in the eyes of Santa counts as a good deed).

And, if you're really feeling like spreading some holiday cheer, then vote for me over at Diesel's Caption Contest. Santa will really love you if you do...okay, he won't...but I will!

2012 update:  Oh, how I miss the good old blogging days...The Quill Driving competition no longer exists, but you can still visit Diesel, although he's not at Mattress Police anymore.  And Central Snark is still around, but not being updated, although it's still a good read if you've never been there.


    YOUR NEW LAYOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I really have to pick your brain about how to hack my blogger template. I'm so bored with mine!
    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your umbrella pic!

  2. yeah, I know and quite some greta words to play with.
    I wrote two pieces already, noen of them good enough to send to her though :)
    We have until teh 8th, right?

  3. Hey, I voted for you AND bumped up your humor-blogs pimping score...

  4. I like your quill driving style, but I'm afraid that I'm up against you over at Diesel's again. We've got to be the two most frequent finalists who haven't brought home the bacon yet.

    Good luck to you m'lady, in this holiday spirit of love and peace.

    VE, you're off my blogroll.

  5. I voted for you girl! I'm sorry though it wasn't looking so hot for you -- people have such bad taste. ;)

  6. How can you make what is essentially a promotional post so interesting?

    It must have something to do with tying up the kids.

  7. ZOA: Thanks, I was just playing around. I like your template the way it is, but if you change it I'm sure you'll come up with something that captures the very essence of zoning out.

    Minka: I can't wait to see what you come up with, I'm sure it'll be terrific. So far, I'm not too happy with mine yet, since too many interruptions don't make for good writing. At least we have until the 8th, so good luck to the both of us. :)

    VE: Way to go! The more support the better, so thanks. :)

    Frogster: It doesn't look so good for either one of us, but it's not over 'til the fat lady, um, I mean Diesel, sings. And be nice to VE, I don't want any violence over here, besides he voted for me. ;)

    Rjlight: Thanks, I guess The Cat in the Hat just wasn't the way to go, but it seemed funny at the time.

    Jocelyn: Yep, it's tying up the kids that does it. But hey, it's not all about me, it's also about getting people to play Quill Driving. You should join us, I'm sure you'll come up with something brilliant.

  8. My kids are heading into an extra long weekend as well....what fun....tying them down, now there's an idea...

  9. Oooooh... that's why my parents always dreaded holidays... Got it now! :D

  10. i am so loveloveloving this new look. sorry i had to vote for myself (what? it will likely be the ONLY vote my pitiful caption gets!). that said, i will GLADLY pimp YOUR humor-blogs status, if you'll return the favor for The Snark!

    sorry i haven't been around much of late, dearest Theresa. since the Great and Unfortunate Accident of 4 October, our lives have been a bit topsy turvy, to say the least! d'oh!

  11. I don't get our school's holiday schedule, either. I wish that we could just go to school President's Day and Memorial Day and Labor Day, and instead take a block of time at some other time when not the entire US is also traveling and running up room rates.

    Cool writing contests! I'll go check them out and vote!

  12. You got my vote over at Diesel's since I love the Cat in the Hat. Great quote!

  13. I have to write something to get a prize?? That's not fair. Can't I have a prize just for being special. :)

  14. Orneta: Haven't you thought of it before? It doesn't usually last long because most kids are escape artists. ;)

    Zhu: Yep, that's why. I always wondered about that until I had my own kids.

    Neva: I'm clicking away on the Snark's HumorBlog links, hope it helps. Glad to see you around after all you've been through. Even if you can't stop by often, I'll see you at the Snark. Hope your son is feeling better. :)

    Jozet: Yeah, it happens everywhere, whole countries on holiday at the same time, you would think governments would plan these things better. Not only should you vote, you should participate. I'd love to see what you write for the Quill Driving contest.

    Pavel: Thanks, but maybe I went too far mixing The Cat in the Hat and Pulp Fiction.

    Dan: Sorry, I don't give out the prizes, you'll have to see Cindra about that. But you do get a hug just for being special. :)