Thursday, December 20, 2007

Felices Fiestas!

The tree is finally decorated and we're getting ready to leave for Cáceres, which means I'll be off the blog radar until after New Year's. My shopping's mostly done and now I can actually write about it, since Carmen finally broke the tacit agreement we had about not mentioning the existence or non-existence of the Three Wise Kings. We knew she knew but she's never admitted to it directly, so I didn't want to write anything here, since she occasionally takes a peek at my blog. But yesterday she was angry since I asked her to put away some clean clothes, and she asked me why I was making her help. She also had that annoying why-should-I-help-when-I-could-be-watching-TV pout on her face, which she has more and more frequently lately. So, I explained that we would be leaving in a few days, and to have everything ready in time I need some extra help. You would think I had asked her to prepare a five course meal in ten minutes, when all I wanted was for her to put her nicely folded clean clothes in her closet. How hard can it be? The clothes were already folded and in a neat little pile, so the effort would be minimal. Of course trying to put clothes into Carmen's closet is a major task, since it looks like the washing machine when I'm loading it - full of clothes crammed in every which way. She just sat there on the couch with her annoying let's-see-you-make-me face, and that really ticked me off. I told her the Three Wise Kings don't bring presents to kids who don't help around the house. Her answer, "The Three Wise Kings don't exist." Okay, it was out in the open and I said, "That's a point in my favor, since I'm the one who buys the presents and if I don't get some help I won't have time to go out and buy any." Boy, did she get off her butt faster than you can say "Santa's helper." What she doesn't know yet is that all her presents are already bought and hidden away. All I have to do now is keep her out of my blog until after Christmas.

So, that's all for now folks. I'll be back after the holidays, and I'll leave you with this little Christmas greeting that Jesús made the other day. Notice that he purposely left himself out, so it's just us girls looking silly. If you want to see us dance just click on the picture.

Felices Fiestas a todos! Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. Thnaks , I wish you happy great days with your family and a merry christmas also a happy New Year.

    Just when you have time before you leave....I showed today a slideshow with photo's and music from, "the left behind and lost things" on the streets, right the opposite of rich Christmas, everybody seemed to have money enough these days... Just look and see if you like it, Bye see you and enjoy yourself:)

    Otherwise see you next year!!!

  2. i made 50 dozen cookies today and when i asked my 14 yr old to fill the ice trays she got very uppity about being asked to do anything and stomped into her room. i took the bucket and trays into her room and put them on her floor. a little whiel later she came out and i asked if she had done what i asked. she put her nose up and, i guess there won't be any ice for anyone.

    i calmly marched into her room and emptied the partially melted contents of the ice bucket onto her bed so she could find it later.

    tis not the season to cop an attitude.

  3. oh, and have a very lovely holiday and safe travels. :)

  4. Lime and Theresa, thank you so very very much for that, one of the problems being here is that I cannot chat to other moms...I was starting to feel that my kids were the only ungracious little br*ts who copped wicked attitude when asked to do the smallest task around the house...mine had to do the dishes yesterday, and you would think I was threatening amputation...OMG.

    I am sorry your dealing with the same crap, but it is so nice to hear other Moms complain about the same stuff....

    How much longer?

  5. Ve: Thanks, you too!

    Joann: I'll try to check it out before I leave. Have a nice holiday!

    Lime: You crack me up! I guess teenagers are all the same everywhere. Have a great holiday, and I hope there's ice in the end. :)

    Orneta: How old are yours? I guess all moms have the same problem to some extent or other, and I think it doesn't stop until the kids move out and have kids of their own. ;)

  6. rjlight: Oops, sorry, I jumped right over you. Didn't mean to do that, but I am hurrying to do everything lately. Feliz Navidad y prospero Año Nuevo!

  7. That was a great little movie Jesus made, I loved it to see you girls dance. So you are packing now? I just finished packing my bags and am almost ready to go to the US now. There will be lots of snow there!I had to laugh when I read about Carmen. So nothing has changed yet? Well it will eventually , it usually does.Have a great time in Caceres and say hello to everyone there from me ok? I'll try to call you still before I leave(I just did but you where not there) and otherwise I'll call from Michelle's house. Love, Mem

  8. Have a great time, you crazy elves! You'll certainly have a better time if you enjoy the holidays with a big ol' slice of fruitcake.

  9. Happy everything! ;-)

    I never really believe in Santa Claus as a kid, for some reason... But apparently, I once said to my grand-mother:

    "I know he doesn't exist, but please... don't tell my parents!"

    People are still making fun of me to this day :D

  10. Merry Christmas, Theresa y familia!

  11. just stopped by to wish you a Merry Christmas!!

  12. Nice comeback - you're a real professional!

    Happiest of holidays to you. Enjoy and best in the new year.

  13. PS: Love the Christmas greeting - you girls rock!!! So does Jesus for putting it together.

  14. Have a great time on your vacation!

  15. AAAAAAHH!!!! The picture won't show and when I click it my laptop says "Error Interno" (si, es español!)... *le sigh*^

    Te deseo unas muy felices fiestas con tu linda familia amiga mia e intenta volver con un mogollón de fotos porfa! :-)

    Feliz Navidad y que lo esteis pasando bomba!


    i cAN'T sEE yOUR gREETING oN mY eND

    hAPPY hAPPY!

  17. Hi Theresa,
    I wish You a Happy and Creative 2008, Look at my Happy fireworks and wishes. See my blog:)(c) JoAnn

  18. Dang, the movie isn't showing up for me. I'll try reloading.

    Your story is great, as I'm already wondering how the whole "there is no Santa, is there?" will play out at our house. Between you and Lime and Oroneta, too, I have heart that my kids are perfectly normal.

    I can't wait until you're back!

  19. Happy New Year!

    Time for some TGQDC!

  20. A belated happy Christmas and best wishes for a wonderful NEW YEAR.

  21. Are you back yet? Happy New Year!

  22. Hi Theresa,
    Happy 2008
    and thaks for your wonderful christmas poem.
    Best wishes for you all!

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