Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Woman's Bag is the Reflection of her Soul

I have been tagged to do a meme by Zhu. This one is called "What's in your bag?" or something along those lines. Since I am a meme-virgin, I don't feel any meme-wrath about it, not like others who are overwhelmed by all the memes they are asked to do. I also happen to be in a very good mood because I tied for first place with Deb in The Great Quill Driving Competition numero 3. So with my meme-virgin innocence I say, "Thanks, Zhu, for giving me a reason to clean my bag out."

I have a collection of purses that I switch back and forth between, depending on the weather, my mood, my clothes and how much in a hurry I am to leave the house. Typical conversation at my house:
Jesús: Where's such-and-such?
Me: It's in my bag.
Jesús (returns carrying bag after a few minutes): No, it's not.
Me: Not that bag, the other one.
Jesús: Which one? Because you have a whole bunch.
This ends with me going to look for whatever it is he's looking for.

Since I am lazy and this goes with almost everything, I have been using this bag lately:

So now, what's in it?

Let's start with the most important thing -the moolah, the dough, the bread, or as we say here in Spain, la pasta. Here's my wallet, which obviously has more pictures of my kids than it does money. Guess I need to head over to the ATM machine, because 5 euros won't get me very far.

Here are some more essential items. My house keys, with that cute little lizard key chain. I was told it also serves as a bottle opener, but haven't actually tried it. Still, it's good to be prepared for any eventuality (you never know when you'll be stranded in the wilderness with no bottle opener). I also carry an extra set of car keys, even though I can't actually drive the car, but if we ever get locked out, I'll be ready. A pen, which my husband got at conference at the Universidad de Málaga, and I convinced him to part with. And my cell phone, with it's case, which I mostly carry around so I can play all the games I uploaded onto it while I wait for the bus (which I do a lot of, since I don't drive).

There is always a bunch of stuff that my kids hand to me saying, "Save this for me." So we have a couple of Pucca bookmarks, a ponytail holder, a ribbon that fell off Vio's sweater, a pink eraser (and you thought that was mine), and Rocío's souvenir scarab beetle from the Louvre that was inside a little black pouch. All this is now going back to the rightful owners (and maybe my bag will weigh a tiny bit less).

Okay, here we have the typical girl primping material. A comb, a pocket mirror (got it "free" when I bought a load of Clinique products), an atomizer with some Agua de Loewe, band aids (those are for my kids, who are forever getting scratches, and woe is me if I don't have a band aid to fix the boo-boo). And the other little plastic bag is, um, well, private woman-stuff (wouldn't like to be caught unawares at a time like that).

The last stuff to come out was this: My Ray-Bans, which I can probably safely put away for the winter. A couple of butterfly hair clips that my Mom gave me once, and I use all the time. Two chocolates from the last time my Mom and I had coffee at Caffe Di Roma (maybe I'll just eat those now and get rid of some of that unwanted bag-weight, but then they'll become unwanted butt-weight, so maybe not). A card from my dentist that has my next appointment written on the back (what fun! I am so looking forward to it). A horse chestnut (there's a whole blog post behind this), and last, but not least, a fan. The fan is going back into my drawer, since I definitely won't be needing that for a while (I guess I kept it in my bag with a subconscious wish for some nice hot weather -yeah, right).

So what all this says about my soul, I have no idea, but my bag sure is a lot cleaner than before. Okay, now that that's done, who shall I tag? Or should I just say, "The meme stops here." Nah, I'm a meme-virgin and I've never tagged anybody before, so I'm going to give myself the pleasure of going all the way.

1. Lime. I don't know if you've done this meme or not, but I loved the one you stole from Jocelyn recently, so consider yourself tagged.

2. Which brings me to # 2, Jocelyn, who is one of the most entertaining, intelligent bloggers out there. You have probably done this meme too, but if you haven't please humor me (I'm a meme-virgin).

3. I'm also tagging Michelle, my sister, hoping that this might cheer her up. Come on Michelle, play along with me. Hey, everybody, go over and visit her and see if we can at least make her feel better.

4. Another bag that I would love to take a peek inside is Minka's. I'm sure it is as interesting as she is.

5. Since I don't like sex-discrimination, I'm thinking I should also tag a least one guy. So I'll pick Frogster. Although, in his case, this meme would be "What would be in your bag if you had one?" You could use your wife's bag for inspiration, if she lets you, or just let your imagination run wild (that works pretty well for you).

6. Well, maybe I should make that two guys. I just have to tag Diesel for this one, since I know how much he loves memes. If Diesel had a purse, I'm sure it would be full of fascinating items, but since he'll probably pass this meme off to his meme-wraith, Grundir, the world may never know. Come on Diesel, be a sport and play the game.

And, if Central Snark were a purse, it would be chock-full of the best humor around.


  1. i did this one soooooo long ago i can safely do it again. and since you took pictures maybe i will have to do the same. since you are a meme virgin who had just been deflowered how could i refuse you? i mean really? i absolutely cannot wait to see what diesel does with this. do youtini he wil lkick it over to grundir? oh gads, i can see it now!

    ok, all that rambling to tell you...probably don't look for my purcse contents until next monday or so, ok?

  2. I don't even carry a purse...just a little bitty wallet with a few cards inside, a few coins, almost never any cash and the two house keys are on a loop on the outside...what does that say about me??? I'm afraid to ask.

  3. I'm almost nostalgic looking at your purse, I can recognize so many little Europeans items ! Like brand, or the little lizard (which I think is a beer logo... may be wrong), the black bag you have with the French ad on it...

    Oh, and I totally remember telling my mum to "save me" some stuffs too, v. important items like leaves I would pick up or Kinder Surprise toys... ;)

    Thanks for doing the tag !

  4. I don't think anyone hears would have a fan in their purse -- at least not that kind. Oh, I miss Spain! (sniff, sniff)

  5. oops --"here" not "hears" I'm not sure what language I was speakn'

  6. From bagweight to buttweight. BWAHAHAHAH.

    I can't wait to see what Grundir has in his bag. That's going to be a good one.

    I sort of have a bag. I REALLY want a good bag. But I'll make due (pretend I'm Frogster...if I had a bag, what would be in it?). I will respond to this, although Lord knows it often takes me weeks!

  7. alrighty then...challenge extended and challenge accepted.

    The fan took the prize though, I am a little worried about the stuff in my bag right now, but it will be just as a surprise for me as it will be for you :)

    Expect my answer by the end of this week :) You virgin, you!

  8. ROFL!!! You meme'd Diesel?! You brave soul!

  9. You live in Pamplona! Wow! One day I will go to Spain & go to all the St. Ignatius of Loyola sites. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Feel free to come back any time.

  10. I love the way you did this meme!! a lovely interpretation and oh, so many interesting items in your purse!! I don't have kids' stuff since my only one is 19!

  11. Hey, that was fun...but you didn't show us your weed or your valium, so you know, so I'm thinking you left out a purse...

  12. I loved that meme! Memes usually stink but that one was great, especially the horsechestnut. Yeah!
    Congrats on your win at Cindra's...your entry was way too funny. Loved that game! I think I'll try it again.
    You left a very nice comment so thank you...I'll be back to visit you again. I linked you. Cheers!

  13. Lime: You've made a no-longer-a-meme-virgin very happy. Can't wait to see what comes out of your purse, I'm sure you have lots of fascinating stuff. I kind of hope Diesel will do it himself, but he probably will give it to Grundir.

    Orneta: That says you are a very practical person. Purses usually end up with too much junk and they give you a shoulder ache, so your way is probably better.

    Zhu: The lizard is from od-ities, but maybe it looks like a beer logo. I usually drink Cruzcampo, so I'm not sure. I picked up that back in Paris this summer, at one of those tourist shops that I usually detest, but I liked the picture. Kinder Surprises...someday our house will be found buried under a mountain of them. ;)

    Rjlight: You didn't take a fan back home with you? You'll just have to come back for a visit. :)

    Jocelyn: Looks like everyone is anticipating what Diesel will do with this. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it, because I'm sure it'll be as side-splitting and original as all your posts.

    Minka: Yay, you're going to play! I'm anxiously awaiting your post, since I'm sure you have some interesting things in your bag.

    Pavel: More than brave, I'm on the other side of the ocean, so what's the worst he could do? Okay, I'm a fool.

    Spyder: Hi, welcome to Pamplona. Well, I live just outside Pamplona, but Pamplona sounds much more exciting.

    Mar: Thanks. Now my bag is so much lighter after taking out some of these "interesting" items.

    Cindra: No weed and no valium, sorry. I can't even tell you where to get any. ;)

    Gillian: Hi, thanks for coming over. This was my first meme, so I had fun, but I guess that after a while they could get to be annoying. You're up on my links too. See you at Cindra's for the next round. :)

  14. Awesome. I love snooping. I wish I could smell it. I love the smell of purses--usually.

    Congrats on winning Quill! I loved your entry and feel lucky to share the medal with you. The race is on for the next one....

  15. Hi Deb, Mine smells like leather. I'm glad we tied, because your entry was great. And we're off to the next one! I'm already working on it, so beware. ;)

  16. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Grundir is gonna take this one.

  17. Meme? What meme? Point me in the direction so I can see it. I need to get back into the loop. Miss you!!!!!

  18. ZOA: Consider yourself tagged. I didn't tag you in the first place because I thought you were too busy, but your bag is one of the first I'd like to see.

  19. Diesel: Sorry I skipped over you, didn't mean to. It would be cool if you did this one yourself, but I guess that would be asking too much.