Saturday, November 17, 2007

What the hell is that? Is that you?

Yesterday I was awakened to the musical sound of a leaf blower just under my window.

Who the hell uses a leaf blower at 8 in the morning?

This is Spain, and things get started later than in other parts of the world, so using something as stupid and annoying as a leaf blower that early in the morning is not justified in any way.

I looked out the window to see it was one of the guys who has been painting the crosswalks around here for the past few days, and he was preparing the one next to my house for painting. He obviously didn't have a clue as to how the thing should be used, and the leaves just kept going all over the place. So, not only did he wake me up at an ungodly hour (okay, I get up at 8.15 anyway, but 15 minutes of sleep are a precious commodity to me), he was also polluting the air and wasting his own time, accomplishing nothing. My only consolation was that it was 1°C outside, so I hoped the guy was freezing his ass off (I'm usually a nice person, unless somebody wakes me up too early).

Fully awake and very cranky, I went to get the kids ready for school, thinking about stupid things that really piss me off.

I have never understood the purpose of leaf blowers anyway, are they really any better than a good broom? That painter guy would have been a lot warmer if he had been sweeping up those leaves, instead of wasting energy blowing them all around. Come on, leaf blowing? Why not leaf sucking? That would be far more logical. I'm sure it's been invented, so why doesn't anyone use a leaf sucker instead? Or are we just behind the times over here? And about those leaf blowers, they're mostly used by men. Are they some kind of symbol of, um, manliness? Is the size of the leaf blower directly proportional to the size of the...well, you get my drift.

One good thing did come out of it. Jesús saw the guys painting the crosswalk with some kind of paint you have to spread with a spatula, and he decided to do the same with our garage floor, which is made of horrible, dust producing cement. So, for the price of being woken up 15 minutes too soon, I will soon have a nice, freshly painted garage floor. But I still hate leaf blowers.

So, what stupid inventions really get on your nerves?

*If Central Snark were a leaf blower, it would be blowing all the humor your way.


  1. Invention, I don't know... so many probably!

    But on the topic of public work annoyances... In Canada, they keep on destroying roads and repairing them. Yep, you read right.

    Every summer, the workers unpaved huge stretched of road (Carling Av., a major traffic road, is named the worse road in Canada for that). Then they gonna spend the summer setting up detours and closing portions of the freeway (which is a necessity in North America...)) to get it ready for the winter. Of course, they slat the road, so two months later, the roads are bumpier than ever... Idiots !!!

  2. The leaf blower tops my list....I have a hard time thinking of anything that approaches that for sheer annoying polluting folly.

    With you 100%

  3. Leaf Blower. Top of my list.

    It will be Halushki's Geek of the Week next Friday.

  4. I'm totally with you on the leave blower -- it makes more noise than anything it every accomplishes. I do think it is a man thing. Hmmm other inventions....I know I could think of I'm blank.

  5. I'm with you all--the leaf blower. Why such leaf hate, really? I'm all about leaves just being where they fall. I love watching people get their out-of-doors "all cleaned up." I mean, what the hell do they think the out-of-doors is? Their living room?

  6. Well, we should start some sort of PAC to advocate for the banishment of leaf blowers. They are a stupid, wasteful invention.

    8:15, Theresa? Give me a break. Or, at least let me move to Spain.

  7. snow blower season is about to start in my neck of the woods. i hate those more than leaf blowers.

  8. i have to say leaf blowers annoy the crap out of me too. whatever happened to the gentle swish swish of a rake taking up the leaves?

  9. Zhu: I'm sure the roads can't be worse than they are here. Spain is one giant roadwork zone. :)

    Orneta: Yeah, we have them all over the place here, do you guys get that over where you are?

    Jozet: Thanks for stopping by. Geek of the Week? I have to check that out.

    Rjlight: Why are guys so attracted to useless, noisy things like that?

    Jocelyn: Hey, I like that idea, no more raking. Well, I do rake them up occasionally and put them in the compost bin, so at least they're being useful.

    Suburban: Come on over. Actually, everything here is later, so in the end it's all the same. Shops open at 10, and lunch isn't until around 2 or 3, and dinner is around 9 or 10.

    Minijon: We don't have enough snow for snowblowers here. Rain we have, but luckily there's no noisy apparatus associated with that.

    Lime: I'm with you, I prefer a gentle swish to a deafening roar any day.

  10. You better patent the leaf sucker right away because you just know someone's going to read this, invent it and get rich from your idea. ;)

    I don't know if it really gets on my nerves, but I'd never buy a pasta maker. Do you know how much pasta costs? Already made? Why store a bulky appliance like that in your house when you can buy the stuff for less than a buck? I don't get it.

  11. Electric can openers, unless I'm 85 years old and I have the counter space to park that and all the other applicances in the world.