Saturday, November 24, 2007

Please don't leaf...I mean leave

Wait! Don't leave.

You're in the right place.

I decided to change the looks of things around here, mostly to keep my mind off my diabolical device. Going around stubbing my toe, as suggested by Zoning Out Again, is just not doing the trick. It's autumn, so I figured a nice colorful leaf motif would be the right thing to go with, even though it has nothing to do with the rain in Spain. Of course the previous flower template didn't have anything to do with it either, so I'm in keeping with the template not matching the title tradition I have going on here.

Lately it hasn't been raining too much anyway, so maybe I should just change the title of the blog altogether. Maybe it should be "The Rain That Doesn't Fall in Spain," or "Whatever Happened to the Rain in Spain?" Anyway, don't get too used to the new look, because I might change it again soon. It depends on how much distracting my mind needs. I was momentarily distracted by coming in third in Diesel's caption contest, but the excitement of that has worn off by now, so I'm going to need some new entertainment. Oh look, there's something! It's a's a plane...No! It's Central Snark.


  1. i like the look of the fall leaves. it works as a seasonal motif. i wish i could build up the energy to make template changes like you do. i can't build up the energy to do anything but procrastinate right now...

  2. I love the template change!

    I keep trying to change mine around more, but the learning curve is such that I keep completely scrambling everything.

    Someday...when I have a few days on my hands to tinker....

    But the leaves! I likey!

  3. I like the change too!

    Leaves are over in Canada though, now we have snow... lots of it...

  4. i rather like the fall leaves. our colors here this fall were sad and dreary so it is nice to see.

    maybe you could run a template contest. we could all suggest a different theme and pick a winner or set up a rotating schedule of them. hehehe

  5. I like your new motif! Was that lady with the umbrella there before? I didn't think so.

    Anyway, just popping in to say thanks for your sweet words of support to lighten a heavy heart. XOX

  6. Minijonb: I wish I could write a novel like you're doing. :)

    Jozet: Thanks. I don't know how long it'll stay like this, because I love tinkering with my template, and I get bored with having the same old look all the time.

    Zhu: We're still on leaves here, but they're almost gone now. Pretty soon I'll have to put a snow theme or something for winter. Problem is, we hardly ever have snow here. :)

    Lime: Interesting idea. I have two other blogs, which are my template blogs where I play around with different ideas, but I never thought of doing a contest. For now I think I'll stick to this, and see if I actually get around to posting something interesting, but it's a possiblility...

    G: Glad to see you here, and I hope things are getting better. The umbrella girl is really Vio (my youngest) with my umbrella.

  7. Hi Theresa, I like the template a lot, the colors are so pretty. I had just discovered the girl with umbrella and was thinking that the skirt looked a lot like the uniforms Vio and Rocio are wearing. So it is Vio!!!! It is soooo cute!

  8. Awesome new look, Theresa! Very good an appropriate choice. Keep up the good (and funny) work...

  9. Love the remodel.

    And poor you with the braces. I'm afraid my jaw is getting out of alignment and I'll need braces AGAIN.

  10. That makes it even better! You are quite talented I must say. Is that photoshop (she said as if she would know what to do in photoshop) or another program that you play around with your templates in?

  11. THIRD? You were robbed, woman!

    I love the new look; these leaves keep me calm (I gotta admit, something about those flowers before did kind of a trompe l'oeil on me).

  12. I love your new digs, and hey, thanks for pimpin' the game over there ----> in the sidebar!

  13. Mem: I thought you would like it. Vio had fun posing for the picture, and she loves being on the header.

    Pavel: Thanks, I figured we needed something a little less pink around here. :)

    kfk: Braces for the second time? You poor thing. I think I'll only be doing this once, I don't even want to think that I might have to do it again.

    G: I made the header in Photoshop, and I really didn't know how it worked, but after some playing around I figured it out. The rest of the changes I did directly in Bloggers HTML editor, previewed until I was happy with it, and then changed it.

    Jocelyn: Thanks, but the other captions were really good, and Brad's was clearly best. I might come back with flowers in Spring, but different ones, the others were a little too pink. :)

    Cindra: Thanks. Your game deserves pimping, because it is really fun to play, and I hope this will get more people to join us. :)

  14. Good job, changing your background keeps us on our toes and wakes one up early in the morning when un-expected color greets one :)