Friday, November 30, 2007

Doble Anniversary!

Okay, here I am with some more corny poetry, but today you have to humor me since it's my anniversary!

Girl and Boy met a a party, way back in February of '91,
But something got in the way of them having some fun.
He had a girlfriend, and she a boyfriend,
So, it seemed the beginning was also the end.

But after some time, they found themselves free,
And this time their story really was meant to be.
They went to a movie, and soon Girl was smitten,
By that pest the Love Bug, she had been bitten.

Boy was handsome, sweet and had a nice tushy,
And to top it all off, he had a sports car with seats that were cushy.
He knew how to cook, and his jokes were downright funny,
Which to Girl was worth much more than all Bill Gates' money.

Many months passed in romantic bliss,
Filled with parties, sub sandwiches and more than one kiss.
The two of them seemed to be joined at the hip,
Although to some, it seemed more like joined at the lip.

They made their friends sick with their googly eyes,
So to no one it seemed any surprise,
That Boy and Girl, being so bewitched,
Decided it was high time they got hitched.

So, fifteen years ago, on December the first,
Boy and Girl were so happy, they thought they would burst.
Riverside was the place that marked the spot,
Where, to the relief of their friends, they finally tied the knot.

It's a double celebration, they say,
Since Boy's parents were also married on the same day.
But it's obviously quite clear,
That it didn't happen in the same year.

And this year's anniversary is especially nifty,
Since for Boy and Girl it's fifteen, and for Boy's parents it's fifty!


  1. Congratulations on your 15th wedding anniversary! I hope that someday you'll also celebrate the 50th like Jesus'parents.I remember the day in riverside well. You two were happy and I was too and have been since!Enjoy your day today. love, Mem

  2. Happy anniversary, Theresa!

    Wow,15 years...sometimes I have trouble believeing I have surpased that age myself :)
    I am happy for you, I really am!

    "So, fifteen years ago, on December the first,
    Boy and Girl were so happy, they thought they would burst.
    Riverside was the place that marked the spot,
    Where, to the relief of their friends, they finally tied the knot."

    that was a very good stanza! IMO!

  3. Happy Anniversary! You guys are cute.

  4. Nice poetry, actually I could almost sing it in my head!

    Happy anniversary! ;)

  5. I don't know...with my ex, 15 felt like 50! But I digress... Happy anniversary to the two of you.

  6. Happy Anniversary to you!

    A beautiful couple!

  7. OK, I liked that, happy anniversary to everyone!

  8. Hey darlin
    Congrats! Wow, that is a long time ago to meet the nice tushy man.
    I met mine a month before you. Jan 91. We have been together ever for a three year heartbreaking breakup in the middle somewhere.
    We don't count that! ;)
    Happy Anniversary you!

  9. Happy anniversary! I love the picture of you two. Here's to many more!

  10. Happy Anniversary Theresa! You left me a very interesting comment a while back regarding your family lanaguages, sorry I never replied but I have been on a long hiatus from my blog due to a health issue. I'm back now and would like to simply suggest to avoid mixing the languages. The OPOL method is easy, it does take a little discipline, but it helps the kids in their building on each language.
    If you feel like telling me more, you can email me! I'd be interested in learning about your family! Clo

  11. What a sweet poem Theresa! Happy Anniversary to you and your husby! Isn't that the cutest word ... "husby"? Laura calls me that. :)

  12. hwo lovely. a belated happy anniversary to you and your inlaws. and here's to many more happy years!

  13. Thanks everybody for your great comments (and for putting up with my silly rhymes). You guys are great! :)

  14. Congrats, Theresa! Lookit how cute you 2 are. Grundir finally did your meme, btw.

  15. I second Diesel - you two are adorable! Loved the poem. Happy Anniversary to you and your in-laws. I'm sure I won't forget it as it's Tali's birthday :)

  16. i 3rd Diesel and 2nd G in saying you two are ADORABLE! and your poem is absolutely lovely.

    congratulations, dear friend. here's hoping the NEXT 15 years are as exciting and filled with love and adventure as the last. xoxox