Thursday, November 8, 2007

Better Late and Blurry than Never

Okay, here are the Halloween pics of the kids, a week late, and they're blurry too. But I have an excuse, actually several excuses; My Mom just went back to Holland, my husband is in Málaga for the week, my watch broke, and our cat, Cleo, has gone missing. So blurry Halloween pictures is pretty much all you'll find here.

The cat's absence is making me feel very guilty, since she's been spending most of her time outside ever since we brought home Mica The Invader. But she's never been gone more than two days, by now it's been four, so my guilt now feels like a 25 kilo sack of potatoes, and it's not easy to blog with that on my conscience.

So, I've been going around the neighborhood putting up signs, whistling (yes, she comes when I whistle), and shaking my little box of cheese treats, but so far no cat. We did have a false alarm with a cat that looked almost like her, but it wasn't. I get the feeling my phone line will soon be overloaded with calls because half the cat population is black and white like Cleo. If only we had kept her in the house at night she would still be here, pissed about Mica, but here.

But beating myself over the head with a stick isn't going to bring the cat back, and right now it's too late to do anything else, so posting seems like my best bet (at least my head will thank me). In the meantime the little Invader is sleeping peacefully on my bed; she sure as hell doesn't look like she feels guilty. Tomorrow, by which time my guilt will probably have grown to 30 kilos, I'll be back to searching the neighborhood and putting up more signs.

On top of all this, Vio's sneakers are lost, and I mean really lost, not just hiding under the bed. The last we saw of them was in the trunk of the car, when we went to a friend's birthday party. The kids went horseback riding and we took some extra shoes in case they stepped in mud (or horse manure), but none of them did, so theoretically the shoes should still be in the trunk of the car. But they are not, and unless they suddenly grew legs (besides Violeta's) and decided to go in search of a better life, I'm thinking they must have been swallowed up by a black hole similar to the one we have in our armchair. I just hope the cat hasn't been swallowed up by the black hole as well.

*Oh, and by the way, in case you're wondering what Rocío was dressed as, it's Puss in Boots. Carmen and Vio's costumes should be obvious to you, and if they are not, I highly recommend that you have your eyes checked. Another thing that's obvious is the humor you'll find at Central Snark.


  1. Cute little witches ! The blurriness is almost artistic actually ! :$

    Take a big breath... and good luck to find the cat, buy a new watch and look after the little family !

  2. yeah...good luck with the cat. That must be a horrible feeling. Is it mating season in Spain? :)

    Two witches and a cat and I have bad eyesight :)

    Lovely creatures.

    better late than never and I hope your house has returned to normal, after it was mobilized into Halloween station.

  3. Blurry or not, the kids look awesome. Absolutely adorable. I love those costumes.

  4. 1. The kids do look awesome.
    2. I like your chances in the caption contest this week.
    3. I hope you find your cat. The few times I thought our dog was gone I almost died. I would have walked from one end of San Francisco to the other looking for her. I hope you don't have to walk to San Francisco.

  5. very cute kidlets.

    i hope the cat is found safe and sound.

    as for the sneakers, i can remember living in trinidad and scouring the island for a pair of shoes for my toddler who was enamoured of the garbage pail. after a lot of searching i found a pair that fit and was affordable. she wore them once and then one went missing. no where to be found. only thing we could figure was she dumped it inthe trash because it was just so fun to lift the pail and make things disappear.

  6. Darling little critters you have there.

    Good luck with kitty. I know how that feels...

  7. Your watch broke AND the shoes went missing?

    Sounds like a poltergeist.

    Time for an exorcism.

  8. Sorry about the cat, my grandmothers went away for a week when ever there was a house invader, at least they can take good care of themselves....

    Nice costumes!

  9. Very cute pics. Didn't this cat go missing not too long ago?

  10. Zhu: Thanks, you helped me see that I have a whole load of artistic pictures on my hard drive. ;)

    Minka: The cat is fixed, so mating season is of no interest to her, poor thing. We're back to normal, except for the cat, but we won't give up hope. :)

    Dorky Dad. Thanks, I think so too, but I'm their mother, so that's a given.

    1. Thanks.
    2. Came in third, thank God. I was worried about having to put that picture up on my blog.
    3. I hope I don't have to go all the way to San Francisco to find her, because I'm a good swimmer, but not that good.

    Lime: Great shoe story. Kids do the craziest things. We're going to buy a new pair, because the others haven't appeared.

    Cindra: Thanks. This is the third cat we've lost in three years, I guess we're cat-jinxed.

    Jocelyn: Okay, can you recommend a good exorcist? ;)

    Orneta: The invader is the kitten we brought home in August, and the other cat doesn't like her but she tolerates her. This is the first time she's stayed away for so long, so I'm afraid something not so good has happened.

    Diesel: Nope, this is another cat. We've lost three cats in three years, not a good thing.

  11. ADORABLE pictures, even if they are a bit blurry! but then, considering they're of your beautiful girls, i'd expect nothing less.

    now, about your cat... i DO remember what happened when your last one went missing, and am ever so hopeful the same fate did not befall Cleo. (as i'm sure you are). xox