Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A word from our Sponsor...

My Mom has come for a visit.

And she brought this:
A Senseo coffee pot, which is not available here in Spain. This baby makes some of the best coffee I've ever had.

So, we will be busy enjoying some amazing coffee, going shopping, and trying to get just a little sun before winter starts. If that isn't clear enough: I won't be doing too much blogging for the next few weeks, but I'll pop by to visit my faves now and then (so beware of silly comments) and I might just put up a post or two, or maybe not, depending on how lazy I get. Now I'll leave you with a word from our sponsor. Okay, I don't have a sponsor...any volunteers? But I will leave you with this TV spot for channel 4. Let's just say it's quite, um, revealing.

And if you still want more nudity, just head over to Scrivel, where you'll find raw, naked....humor. What? Well, what did you expect to find?


  1. whaddya mean ya won't be blogging regularly for the next few weeks? what is this? i just found you! first you lure me in with your wit and flair and then you drop me like a used coffee filter. ok i see how it're just like those pushers on the corner...get em hooked and then leave em wanting so they come crawling to you for their next fix, willing to pay any amount. come on man, i need a hit...real bad....i got the shakes already...

    oh yeah, have fun with your mom and coffee maker

  2. Do you know it's been years since I had a proper cup of coffee ? Canadians just like carrying around huge cup of brownish water with sugar they buy at Tim Hortons or Second Cup... Crazy people ! :D

    I need one like that !

  3. Hey, tell me how that coffee tastes. It'd better be some excellent coffee if it looks like that.

  4. i've always wondered if those coffee makers are any good.

    have a fun time with the family.

  5. Okay, if you say it makes the best coffee and you know good coffee, then it really is good coffee.

  6. I'd be much more excited about familial visits if they all came with high-tech coffee makers. Is the coffee maker yours, or is it going home with Mom?

  7. Lime: I'm guilty as charged, but I won't leave you in the lurch for too, just how much are you willing to pay?

    Zhu: Dirty sugar water, I remember that from when I was back in California. You poor thing, you should get one of these things, all your coffee woes will be solved.

    Dorky Dad: Mmmmmm. It tastes like a creamy little piece of heaven with frothy milk on top...sorry, I need to go have one right this minute...

    Minijon: It is better than good, it is brilliant.

    rjlight: You can get some really good coffee here, and now I can have it right at home. Trust me, it is gooood.

    Frogster: It's a birthday present, so it's staying. I guess I'll have to name it now, maybe I'll call it Sensi. You should hint around to your family, maybe they'll get you one for Christmas.

  8. Aren't Moms awesome! Mine is here taking care of me right now and it's such a blessing.

  9. Ooh. Coffee maker. Nummy.

    You need to make your brew and sit in front of the computer and blog while your mom pages through her book. Don't go anywhere!

    Okay? That ad for Channel 4? I mean, I'm used to not seeing a connection between ad and product, but that one puts a new crack in it.

  10. That is one fancy looking device! Hope the coffee tastes good.

    See you when you get back. Hope you have a good time with mom!

  11. Chic: Yeah they are. :)

    Jocelyn: I'll be around, just not posting too much. A new crack, now that's one way of looking at it. :)

    Pavel: It does taste good, real good. I'm not going anywhere, I just won't post (well, maybe an itty bitty post), but I will visit other blogs.

  12. I have teh very same senseo machine. Well, my MOm does...she doens't know it has been passed on yet. Best coffee I get, too :)

  13. Oh that sounds like a nice visit. Moms and coffee - good combo. Nice machine.

    Hope you're enjoying the visit.