Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pake's Dahlias

I promised Mr. Bean, and you shall have him, but not today. Today I just had to put up this picture. These are my grandfather's dahlias, and now they are growing in my garden. I'm sure Pake (grandfather in Frisian) never would have thought his flowers would end up in Spain. I remember he always used to have the most beautiful garden out in front of the house in Wirdum, filled with colorful dahlias. My uncle saved some of the plants when my grandfather died, so I brought one home with me, and planted it in August. I didn't think it would come up this year, but thanks to the crazy weather we're having, it's been warm enough for them to bloom. When I saw the flowers, I looked around for some pictures of my grandfather's garden, but I couldn't find any. I did find these pictures, though. I must have been around four, and I was "helping" my grandfather with his work. And to think these dahlias might have been blooming then too...

I also found some pictures of those awkward adolescent years, but I am not putting any of those up; after all I want to attract readers, not scare them away.


  1. I love these old pictures. They really tell a story, the story of an era, of a family...

  2. Check you out in those swishin'-hot red boots! I LOVE those photos and this story.

    But I'm kind of a sap.

    And I wouldn't mind seeing some of those embarrassing adolescent photos.

  3. Wow. That was really sweet. Thanks for sharing.


    Congratulations! You done good.

  4. nice orange color on those dahlias... but now i have scenes from the movie Black Dahlia stuck in my head... what's wrong with me?!? =:-)

  5. What beautiful flowers and well the picture of you and your Grandpa is priceless! Too adorable.

  6. Yes, the pictures are really cute. My better half was close with her grandfather and has some similarly cute pictures. Makes me think those pictures are quite special to you.

    But let me be the first to request the awkward adolescent pics as well. Good grief, you've seen some of the pictures I've put up of me on my blog. Come on, Theresa. Think about your audience. Half of the people who read your blog (bloggers) didn't know the opposite sex existed in their pre-teen years. Maybe we can have a "Dorkiest adolescent picture" contest.

    You go first.

  7. The dahlias are pretty, but that dress you are wearing with grandpa is a bit risque.;)

  8. Zhu: I hadn't looked at these pictures for a long time, but when I found them all the memories of summers in Holland came back.

    Jocelyn: If I put up any of those teenage pics, I might just scare you off forever.

    Cindra: Thanks! I am finally answering these comments after the excitement of finding out I won. That really made my day.

    Minijon: Black Dahlia? I'm going to have to Google that, because I have no idea what it's about...but I'm kind of afraid to find out.

    G: Thanks. I'll see if I can keep those flowers blooming every year.

    Frogster: Yeah, those are special pictures. I used to love staying at my grandparents' house, even though we couldn't go very often. I'm afraid my teen pictures would drive everyone away, or maybe not, maybe people would come from afar to have a good laugh.

    rjlight: That was the fashion back then - short, short skirts. Of course I could care less back then if anyone saw my underpants or not.

  9. I am late, but boy am I glad I scrolled down.

    I agree with teh first commenter. The pictures tell a story of an era we long to re-visit. Just beautiful.

    What a beuatiful little girl!