Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Won!

I still owe everyone a post about what Mr. Bean has to do with my vacation, and on top of that I now have several requests for some embarrassing adolescent pictures, which I am still considering whether I should post or not. But for today, all I can say is I won! I won The Great Quill Driving Competition! This is the first time I have ever written anything for a writing contest, and I never seriously thought I had a chance at winning. There were some really great entries, and that makes this all the more amazing to me. I'm just as happy as a clam, although I don't know what clams have to be so happy about, since they are often in imminent danger of being dug up and eaten. Besides, how would you know if a clam is happy or not? It beats me, but anyway I'm thrilled, and now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to stick my winner's button in the sidebar, and then, since nobody's watching I'll do a little victory dance. And if my good mood lasts long enough, maybe you'll even see some of those awful teenage pictures of me in my next post.


  1. Hurray! Congratulations! I'm so excited that you are clam-happy today! Great job!

  2. You done good! Congratulations!

    Looks like I need to resize the button a bit? I know nada about making buttons...obviously!

    your gift certificate should be in your email inbox any time!

  3. rjlight: Thanks! Yep, that's me, clam happy.

    Cindra: Thanks, I had a great time with it. I hadn't written anything since college, until I started this blog at the end of January, so this was a big surprise to me. About the button, I might have done it wrong, because I'm pretty new to this stuff. The gift certificate arrived and now I'm going to have the fun of picking something out. :)

  4. Maybe you can just be "happy as a CLAMDIGGER." Because who doesn't want to capture the sparkly magic that only a festive and breezy calf-length cotton pants garment can bring?

  5. EWBL: Hi and welcome! I'm sure the clamdigger is happier than the clam, no matter what clothes are worn, so maybe we should just change that saying. :)

  6. I'm really happy for you !

    Getting rewarded for work, and even more for artistic work is great !

    Are you gonna be more motivated to treat us with more posts now ? ;)

    I really like your writing, seriously...

  7. That's awesome...but did you really use a quill to write it??

  8. WOOOHOOOOHOOOO!!! Way to go Theresa! That's most excellent.

    But how does one drive a quill?

  9. congratulations on your win!

    i say bring on bean and the dorky teenage pictures. hehehehe

  10. wow...a) I have been absent for teh last three posts and b) congrats on yrou writing. I always enjoy teh way you write, so this does not come out of teh blue, I assume.

    awful teenage pictures...Oh my...there are plenty in my albums :)

  11. Congrats, Theresa! You are one very funny blogger and you deserve any writing prize out there, if you ask me. Cervantes and Garcia Marquez don't have a sliver of your humor and good taste, let me tell you...

  12. Diesel: Thanks!

    Zhu: I'm motivated but I'm short on time these days. But I'll find some time to post something soon.

    VE: Not unless "quill" is the new slang for Microsoft Word.

    Dorky Dad: Well, for starters, you need a quill licence, which I don't have...shh, don't tell anyone, otherwise I might get a ticket. ;)

    Lime: Maybe I'll just make some baked beans and take a picture, will that do? Okay, I'll get to the post about Bean one of these days, but the teen pics...

    Minka: I was surprised because I have never written anything seriously, and I just did it on a lark. Now, let's see your pictures!

    Pavel: Thank you, you flatter me. I just blog for fun, and never had any intention of winning anything. Not that I mind winning, of course. ;)

  13. Hah! I dig your poem. Nice. You're quite an entertaining writer. I love stopping by your place and checking out your coments at Diesel's. I'm gonna go lie back down on the couch. Nude canal jumping, you know.

    I might be able to help you with the last word in your poem. Let me know.