Monday, August 13, 2007

First Stop: Lyon

Blogging and having kids that are on vacation are just not compatible; trying to write anything reasonably coherent (or at least complete sentences) with one of the kids (usually Vio)yelling every 5 seconds that her sisters are bothering her, touching her, or even breathing in her vicinity, is darn near impossible. I was two lines away from achieving the impossible, when one last interruption made me turn away from the computer to see what was going on, and when I turned back and started typing again I realized that all except the first few lines and the last sentence was gone. All my pictures and text had just vanished, and Blogger's #%$&!*@ (oops, I mean wonderful) auto save function made sure I'd never get it back again. So, let's start over...The kids are at the pool, so maybe this time I'll actually get a decent post out....Let's see...what was this post going to be about...Oh, right, our vacation....

Our first stop was Lyon to visit our French Connection friends (after 900 km in the car with 3 kids - and we didn't go completely crazy...Okay, maybe a little, but we're back to normal now...Well, as normal as possible for us) . Lyon is not the first place one might think of when planning a trip to France, in fact most people just drive past it on their way to other, more exciting (?) destinations, but we were pleasantly surprised by all it had to offer. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, instead of trying to sum up this enchanting city by writing about it, I'll just put up some of my favorite photos (and save myself from carpal tunnel syndrome in the process).

Lyon is filled with amazing murals like this one...They make you just want to walk right in. This one is the Mur des Canuts (Silk workers' wall) which was just near our friends' house in the Croix-Rousse.

Visit to an old silk factory...Actually, this was in the shop next to the museum, so I came away with some fabulous silk scarves. (Shopping!...How could I resist?)

We had lunch at the Interpol (don't ask me how, that information is Top Secret). It was certainly an interesting experience to say the least. We felt a bit like suspects from the way we were scrutinized at the door (Did they know I cut the tag off my mattress...Whew! I guess not!), but once we got to the cafeteria it was like any other workplace (except for all the languages flying around, which made it seem like we were at the UN), but don't even try getting in here unless you know someone who works here...unless maybe you're James Bond.

I found this statue just outside the Interpol and thought of our favorite Ice Queen.

This is one car chase that didn't turn out so well (Okay, so we didn't actually see any car chases - This is the entrance to the contemporary art museum that was near the Interpol).

The impressive Tete d’or Park.

Jesús with our friend S. under an incredibly old Japanese maple tree. This is a rare photo indeed, since Jesús is always the one who takes the pictures.

Well, that's enough for now, I don't want anyone to suffer from the blog overload that comes with extra-long posts (or worse yet, people running like mad to get away from my boring vacation pics). I'll be back soon with part two (let's see how many posts about our vacation can I get away with before everybody gets bored and leaves) of our trip soon. In the meantime I hope the Interpol isn't investigating me for using the word Interpol so much. They might think this blog is a cover for some type of terrorist activity -I'm afraid they'll be highly disappointed; this is one of the tamest blogs around (except for the occasional irreverent comment about the Church, some naughty jokes, and gossip about my fellow townsmen).


  1. Cool pics. I heard that thing about your mattress tags, though. I'll be watching you.

  2. I really like the photo with the mural. I wish I could see all of the details better though. I guess I just have to go to Lyon.

  3. Diesel: I swear it was only one tiny tag (Besides, we're thinking of changing our mattress soon anyway -That's it, I'll get rid of the evidence), and that was before I became Adjutant Inspector. Now I scour the planet for mattress tag violators. By the way, what should I do if I catch one?

    Michelle: I'll put up some more pics of Lyon on Photobucket, I think I have a couple of close-ups of the mural so you can see it better. In any case, you should visit Lyon if you ever get the chance, it's a fascinating place.

  4. What a cute Penguin! There were other pictures too? You sure?

    I Kid...I have been, at the tender age of 14 to Taize ( very close to Lyon) and walked into Lyon to buy matches. Which is weird, since I didn't smoke ...but i am sure I had my reasons at teh time. I remember Lyon to be very impressive on my young mind!

  5. Theresa...We WANT to see those photos...just love seeing (even through others lenses) places I've never been. Give us an avalanche of pictures.

    Ah!.....About that truck at the museum entrance!.....Is it just a case of another insane artist expressing his funny-bone or tormented soul? Remember Minka's pictures of the Reykjavik Art Show? I think this truck belongs in Iceland.............Judy

  6. Wow, what an amazing experience for your kiddos! Yes, please keep those photos coming, as j.d. says, it's great to be able to see other places. I travel a lot by Google earth, but I often end up feeling like a bird!

  7. I love to look at vacation pictures, and these are lovely. The gates to the Tete d'or Park are definitely worth a picture. Such gorgeous ornamental touches have become a thing of the past. And I must admit that I'm insanely curious about the exact function of that truck bed! I bet you purchased some beautiful scarves, too.

    The template look marvelous!

  8. Minka, minka, what could you have been doing in Lyon? ;) I guess the places you visit at that age usually stick in your mind, even when you're not doing anything special. But Lyon isn't a place I'll forget any time soon, even though my visit came much later than yours.

    j.d.: Okay, there'll be more pictures to come, but I'll weed out some of the over 300 Disneyland ones; there's a limit to what even the most enthusiastic readers can take. The truck is just another display of contemporary art (I'm not sure if funny or tormented), and inside the musem are stranger things still.

    Zoa: More pics on the way soon. The kids had a great time, but the things they loved best were the more mundane ones, such as going to the pool with my cousins' kids, and feeding the ducks near my mom's house - go figure.

    Actionbell: I have lots more pictures to post, now I just have to go through them and pick the best ones. The truck bed probably serves no more purpose than for us to wonder about the state of contemporary art. The scarves are lovely, and I got a few as presents as well...I had the hardest time deciding which ones to get because they were all equally lovely.

  9. Hey I loved the truck bed piece! :0)

  10. Interpol is a real organization? I thought it was something made up for spy novels and movies.

  11. As you well know, I'm all over long posts...and I love your photos. Keep 'em coming.

  12. Great pics. I love weird statues. Also...don't you love how blogger adds

    all these stupid blank lines to your post without you knowing about it? Sometimes I cannot seem to get rid of them. Sort of like Cockroaches but without all the squirming...

  13. Zoa: If you liked that, you would love the piece in the entrance. That was really weird. Too bad I don't have any pics of it.

    suburbancorrespondent: Whew, your name is really long. Can I call you sub or maybe s.c.? Yes, the Interpol really exists, it is just as real as the F.B.I or the C.I.A.

    Jocelyn: Thanks, I'll keep 'em coming, long posts and photos galore.

    Variant E: Thanks, glad you liked the pics. Blogger is doing what? Oh, you must be using Explorer, for some reason it does weird things with my template, like puting the date down the side instead of above each post. I use Firefox and it doesn't look too bad. Any suggestions on how to make it work for all browsers? I'm no computer programmer, so I can use all the help I can get. :)

  14. Ruh-roh -- i've got a lot of catching up to do! yikes!! i was SO excited to see you were back, and i actually read this post a couple of days ago, but i guess i failed to leave a comment. so i'll do that NOW, and then move on to read your other new posts.

    FABULOUS pictures... lovelovelove 'em all... those sculptures are amazing... and that mural sublime. xox

  15. What is that truck bed for? Whatever it is, it sure is eye-catching!

  16. that truck with bent truck bed is surely eye catching amongst the pictures you posted here... i was laughing when i saw it and even showed to my friends... cant say if its crazy or art... lol

  17. I agree that bent truck bed cover is something out of ordinary...