Tuesday, June 26, 2007


This is one of the reasons I haven't gotten any posts up lately. Our cat, Coco, didn't come home Saturday night. With a teenager this would be worrisome, but for a cat it's pretty normal to stay out all night. After all cats are nocturnal and the tastiest tidbits come out to play at night. So, we weren't too worried when he didn't show up that night, but by Sunday evening we were starting to feel uneasy. Coco is not the kind of cat that goes away for days on end; he's never been gone for more than one day, and he usually tries to stay in at night so he can sleep in our bed.

Yesterday we combed the neighborhood, which has more places for a cat to hide than we could have ever imagined, and put signs up all over. So far we've gotten two calls. One from a guy who said he used to have a Siamese cat too. He said it had gotten lost once and he found it by telepathy; he advised us to open our minds because Siamese cats are especially good at communicating mentally....ummm...okay. I thanked him for his concern, and hung up thinking that the only mental thing going on was him...Am I ever glad I didn't put my address on those signs. The other call was from a boy, who said he had the cat and said he would wait for me in a nearby square. So, the girls and I grabbed the cat carrier and ran out of the house and to the square, which was about fifteen minutes walking from our house. When we got there nobody was to be seen, and we made our way home once more. There's a saying here that sums up what happened just perfectly, "When the Devil is bored, he swats flies with his tail." Summer vacation means there are lots of bored kids with cell phones around, just looking for someone to play tricks on, and I'm sure that they had a good laugh at our expense. Now all we can do is wait, and hope the next call won't be from a psychic or a prankster and that Coco will be home before we leave on vacation next week.


  1. Hi Theresa, how awful that Coco is lost. Could he have gotten stuck in someones garage over the weekend maybe? Keep us posted ok. love, Mem

  2. :0( Oh I hope you find Coco!
    That was a really mean prank!
    I hope the girls are doing okay.
    Is Coco fixed? :0(
    I'll say a prayer over here!

  3. Well, crud. I hope Kitty gets home to you, safe and sound. What an ongoing worry.

    We're catsitting here in Colorado on our vacation, and I'm in constant worry the cat won't come back when we let her out. Fingers crossed for all good cat ju-ju.

    Telepathy, eh? Don't be a skeptic. Open your synapses, honey.

  4. Wow. Good luck finding your cat. That really sucks. I've got two cats and I'd hate that ...

    They're probably close by ...

  5. Mem: We've been looking all over and so far no luck. The biggest problem is that we're leaving next week and if he doesn't show up before then I doubt we'll find him again.

    ZOA: Yeah, I was pretty angry when I got to the square and there was nobody around. Coco is fixed, so it's not that he's out looking for a good time, I'm afraid he might be stuck somewhere. Send him a message by telepathy and tell him to come home, maybe that'll work ;)

    Jocelyn: Hope your catsitting and your vacation are going well, and thanks for the good cat ju-ju. My synapses are wide open and I'm sending him a message that he can have all the milk he wants if he comes home, but there's no message coming in so far. Any hints on telepathy techniques?

    Dorky Dad: Thanks, I hope he'll turn up before we leave on vacation. We'll keep looking and hoping.

  6. i can only imagine how devastating this is for you all. seriously, losing a pet is horrifying. here's hoping Coco was simply taken in by some nice person, who's yet to discover he belongs to a loving family who misses him terribly.

    i wouldn't be too quick to dismiss the "psychic" thing... i say sit back, imagine the "feeling" of having Coco safely at home again, and meditate for a few minutes. what have you got to lose?

    i'll keep you all in my thoughts, in hopes your beloved feline friend comes back, soon. xox

  7. I'm so sorry because I know the awful feeling of losing your pet.

    I hope Coco comes back soon...

  8. Oh, I'm sorry! I hope Coco finds his way home soon. And I can't imagine who would play such a cruel prank.

    That's a lovely photo.

  9. keeping my fingers crossed that Coco decides to come home soon.

  10. Coco is indeed a beautiful kitty. I hope he finds his way home in time for you to go and have a nice relaxing vacation.

  11. Just swinging by to see if Coco came back. Still hoping...

  12. Sorry about that, Theresa. Hope kitty comes home soon.

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  14. I'm so sorry about Coco my friend. I hope things work out ok. Hugs to you and the family. :(